A booklet of B5 size, cardboard cover. Written on the cover is:


Personal Preparation of a Candidate for Grades 6-5 & 7-4.

Copied by S.S. Sept. 1951


Personal Preparation of a Candidate for the Grades 6-5 and 7-4 of the Order of the R.R. et A. C.


(Note:- What follows may later need some revision. The information dates from about 1625.) 

Before the candidate can proceed with the Great Work, or gain from the Highest, fresh signs of help and further powers to overcome and to attain it is needful that some very definite bodily and Spiritual preparation should be undertaken in order that the candidate may be in a receptive state, to, with all humility and with a mind free from care and a body purged from gross material surfeit, receive the next initiation without undue strain or danger either to body or Spirit.

A trinity of method is indicated. The method affects the external, internal and Spiritual nature.

Consider well then oh candidate the 14 days work which it is thy duty - in the fear of God to endure. (No of Sephira - 5. 14 - 5.) the 7-4 is 16-7.) For work precedes rest. Effort alone deserves success. Those that ask shall have, but they must knock as well.

The date for the ceremony being known - which date shall be fixed according to ancient rule.

On the first day the candidate shall truly purge his body of all inconvenient dross, by means of a saline water of any convenient natural spring. Also be it noted that if need be from time to time repeat this draught and definitely upon the 14 day at Sunrise.

The candidate shall too upon this first day take five hours during which to meditate in silence apart from al1 worldly distractions he shall duly consider the plan of the preparation and the results to be sought for.

The material body shall be clean, therefore at sunrise and at noon and at sunset let ceremonial ablutions take place.

During the which pray the Lord of Light to cleanse the heart even as the body is outwardly purified.

These ablutions shall take place daily.

The meditation shall be to recall the path hithero trodden, the knowledge gained shall be recalled.

The desires of the candidate shall be fixed upon progress and the life examined, so that the Soul. s progress may be weighed in the balance of a fair but strict Judge.

And now regard with regard to the candidates food.

It shall be sufficient to keep the body in health, but no kind of' surfeit may be present.

And the Divine food shall be partaken of for the seven days before the ceremony of initiation.

Now the sacred elements are ten in number and are divided thus into a three and a seven.

A Trinity Divine and a Hexagram.

  1. The Yolk of an egg.
  2. Milk
  3. The best Red Wine
  4. White grapes
  5. Honey
  6. Dates
  7. Figs
  8. Aerated Water (a bubbling spring)
  9. Pure wheaten bread.
  10. Pears

(3. - Laudes Wine, pure claret I think.)

(Sacred elements from another source, it was no use writing out a list of forbidden food.

e.g: - Wild Boar etc.)


Preparation for the 7 - 4 Grade.

This should extend over a period of Four Weeks


  1. During this time the postulant should burn Incense daily.
  2. He should eat beans and peas (the pulse of the bible. Grapes honey, milk & bread. Very little meat and no pork in any form.
  3. Repeat the following daily and learn it perfectly by heart:-
  4. Get a crystal or moonstone and mark it with Sigil of 6-5 name.
  5. Write a thesis on Resurrection and Life after Death.
  6. Meditate for 40 minutes daily including prayer.
  7. Visit the vault regularly.
  8. Study the Tarot keys, . Fortitude. , . Hermit. and . Wheel of Fortune. .


Preparation during Four Days Immediately Preceding Advancement.


This time should be spent in isolation or retreat, if possible on a height.

Bathe ceremonially with hot water and a little soda or ammonia.

Learn correctly so as to use without prompting during the ceremony: -

  1. Server of Silence is my name.

  2. Earth to earth and body to body - in the Name of Adonai Ha Aretz, Lord and King of the Earth, I dedicate my body to the Service of the Highest.

  3. Water to Water and Soul to Soul, - in the Name of the Great Mother, I dedicate my Soul to the Service of the Highest.

  4. Fire to Fire and Life to Life, - in the Name of Jah, Eternal, I dedicate my life to the Service of the Highest.

  5. Light to Light and Spirit to Spirit, - in the Name that may not be spoken, I dedicate my Spirit to the Service of the Highest.

(An indication will be given by an officer at which time of the ceremony these sentences should be spoken.)


Cues for Postulant.


  1. When the bell sounds four times he will approach the entrance.
  2. When he is asked for his passport he must reply: - . My Brow is like unto the Kings; my lips are open; my heart is upon its throne.
  3. He will be led into the room and must walk backwards when required.
  4. When he is left alone he must repeat the whole of the Mantra which he has already learnt, keeping his eyes upon the wheel.
  5. Let him remember that the Path of Fortitude can only be trodden by the Hermit.
  6. Let him understand that when a door is opened he should prepare to pass through it; he who seeks will find.
  7. When he receives a Light, let him say . Server of Silence is my Name.
  8. Only he who hath dedicated his body may obtain communion with his Soul; ye are the salt of the earth, he who renounces Joy, pouring out the Wine into the Water, shall savour the sweetness of Life, he who shall offer himself as incense cast into the Flame shall approach the Sanctuary, but before entering therein he must dedicate even his inmost Spirit.

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