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Preparation for Receiving 8=3 Grade

We have to lay down one irrevocable law - that he who has resolved, setting all things else aside, to enter the Path of the Quest must look for his progress in proportion as he pursues holiness for its own sake. He who in the Secret Orders dreams of the Adeptship which they claim, ex hypothesi, to impart to those who can receive and who does not say . Sanctity' in his heart till his lips are cleansed, and then does not say it with his lips, is not so much far from the goal, as without having conceived regarding it.


1.     Study the earlier Rituals in their order, especially the 5=6, 6=5, and 7=4, and endeavour to trace out the sequence of developement through which the Initiate passes in receiving them. Do this with special reference to the above quotation. Attend at least one 6=5 and one 7=4 Ceremony.

2.     Each day for three weeks spend three periods of eight minutes each In contemplation in the following order. (a) Before you rlse in the morning review your past life, seeking out and acknowledging the errors you have made. If you can remember any fragments of past lives, collate them with the present one. (b) Between the hours of noon and 3 p.m. consider your present mode of life and how you may rectify past errors and bring a.more spiritual atmosphere into your existence. © Look forward fearlessly into the future. Endeavour to comprehend the meaning of repentance and forgiveness of sin - that therein lies the true secret of Alchemic Transmutation of base metal into pure gold. Consider how you desire to return in another life and how you can create least karma injurious to others so that you may be free to be of the greatest service to God and humanity. Try to understand the meaning of the Incarnatlon and Redemption. This should be done after withdrawing to your own chamber at night.

3.     Write out notes on the above and, if you wish to, bring then to the Chiefs and ask their advice.

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