Spouses, Past and Present

Nasruddin's wife died, and eventually he married again. The woman he married was also widowed.

One night as they were lying in bed, Nasruddin's wife began to reminisce about her late husband. “He was so strong, and so handsome!” she said. Then she added, “Unlike some people I know.”

“My late wife,” said Nasruddin, “was so beautiful, and such a good cook.” Then he added, “Unlike some people I know.”

As they quarreled, the bed suddenly collapsed underneath them, throwing them both on the floor.

“I didn't think our bed would be strong enough to hold four people,” Nasruddin observed.

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Tiny Tales of Nasruddin (Amazon, Author) by Laura Gibbs. Copyright 2020. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and mirrored here with permission.