Majnun and the Caravan

As Majnun roamed the desert, grieving because of his separation from Layla, he chanced upon a caravan.

The merchants invited him to sit by their campfire, having heard of this strange madman and of his love for Layla.

“Surely the time has come to set this love aside,” one of the merchants said to Majnun. “You could go back to your old life, and everyone would praise you for making a wise choice.”

“I don’t want everyone’s praise!” Majnun shouted. “I refuse such praise! An insult from Layla is worth more to me than a thousand compliments from anyone else.”

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Tiny Tales from the Sufis (Amazon, Author) by Laura Gibbs. Copyright 2020. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and mirrored here with permission.