External references

  • Frater Pyramidatus, A Glossary of Thelema: The Modern Dissemination of the Mystical Dogma, Archetypes, Qabalism and Theology of Aleister Crowley —“This is the number of The Crown, or Kether (כתר), which being the uppermost Sphere of the Tree of Life is considered to be God; however some Qabalists consider the Void that impinges upon this, the Ain Soph Aur to be God instead. A great deal of Thelemic magick deals with reducing events to this Unity, and this method is the great common denominator of Crowley’s most exalted theurgy. As this is so important let us consider some of the most common titles of Kether: The Small Point, The Profuse Giver, The Primordial Point, The White Head, Amen, Lux occulta, Mirum occultum, Inscrutable Height, Long of Nose, Long of Face, The Ancient of Days, Existence of Existences, Ancient of Ancient Ones, Holy Ancient One, Lux simplicissima, Concealed of the Concealed, The Head, Lux interna, The Most High, The Head which is Not. These various titles betray the ineffable nature of the One and reminds us that to access this it is necessary for most of us to use the medium of the Holy Guardian Angel (see Tiphereth).”


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