“While נ‎ח‎ש‎ and מ‎ש‎י‎ח‎ alike add to 358, indeed, it is no odds: did you once see this you were not far off from the Heart of the Qabalah.”—Why Jesus Wept

“Neschesh is the word for serpent used in Genesis iii. Messiach is the expected Redeemer. Their identity is the Vindication of the Serpent and the revelation of Jehovah as the arch-enemy of man. The above doctrine is the most secret of Qabalistic arcana.”—Footnote at Why Jesus Wept

“IBA ShILH, Yeba Shiloh, “Sjhiloh shall come” = 358, which is the numeration of the word MShICh, Messiah.”—Liber LVIII – Qabalah

“Replace these, and we get אשימוא, which adds up to 358, the Number alike of נחש, the Serpent of Genesis, and the Messiah.”—Liber LVIII – Qabalah

משׁיח = 358 = נחשׁ, the Messiah or Redeemer”—Liber LVIII – Qabalah and Qabalistic Dogma

“358. See 32. MShICh, Messiah, and NChSh, the serpent of Genesis. The dogma is that the head of the serpent (N) is “bruised,” being replaced by M, the letter of Sacrifice, and god, the letter alike of virginity (י = Virgo) and of original deity (י = the foundation or type of all the letters). Thus the word may be read:

”The Sacrifice of the Virgin-born Divine One triumphant (ח, the Chariot) through the Spirit,”

while NChSh reads

”Death entering the (realm of the) Spirit.”

But the conception of the Serpent as the Redeemer is truer. See my explanation of 5=6 ritual (Equinox I(3)).”—Liber LVIII – Qabalah

“One may now question how it was that the SERPENT who formed the Paths by ASCENDING The Tree, could possibly have started at the Top, and why previous commentators have never taken this vital idea into consideration. Anyway, let us find out what would happen if we followed the SERPENT of WISDOM (NChSh = 358), which the Qabalists attributed to the Messiah (MShICh = 358), and, remembering that “The Wisdom of God is Foolishness with Men”, start on our upward journey by the ELEVENTH Path leading from MALKUTH to YESOD and attributed to the Tarot Trump marked O = THE FOOL.”—Appendices

“358 is numerically equal to Messiah, and 358 1/2 x 6 = 2,151 which is again a symbol of the Hebrew Messiah. Alpha and Omega = 2,152; and a hexagon described round a circle having a circumference of 2,151 has a perimeter of 3,368. 2,151 also is the sum of 1,480 (Christos) and 671 (Thora the Bride). A vesica 358 board is 620 long, and 620 is the value of Kether, etc., etc.”—eqi04034

Shame GShNH
Shiloh shall come YBA ShYLH
“Messiach,” the Messiah MShYCh
Nechesh, the Serpent that initiated Eve NChSh
(Taking the three ה‎'s in AHYHVH as concealing the Mothers, we get Ι. Α. Ω.) AShYAVM

Sepher Sephiroth sub figurâ D

“But first of all it strikes us that I, A, and O are the three Letters associated with the three Letters ה in the great Name of Six Letters, אהיהוה, which combines אהוה and יהוה, Macroprosopus and Microprosopus. Now these feminine Letters ה conceal the “Three Mothers” of the Alphabet, א , מ , and ש . Replace these, and we get אשימוא, which adds up to 358, the Number alike of נחש, the Serpent of Genesis, and the Messiah. We thus look for redeeming Power in IAO, and for the Masculine Aspect of that Power.”—Qabalistic Dogma, Collected Works, Vol III


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