Abraham Cohen de Herrera

Abraham Cohen de Herrera AKA Alonso Nunez de Herrera AKA Abraham Irira of Florence

Portugal / Israel 1570 – 1635


Qabalist; Rabbi; Marrano, forcibly converted to Christianity; emphasized the Neoplatonism of Isaac Luria’s Qabalistic teachings and popularized them in Italy; influenced Christian Qabalists;




The RaMCHaL aka Moses Hayim Luzzatto aka the RaMHaL; Elijah ben Solomon, the Gaon of Vilna aka The GRA, author of Kol HaTor aka The Voice of the Turtledove, Lithuania. 1720-1797; Shneur Zalman of Lyady; Rabbi Yizhak Isik Haver Waldman aka Yitshak Ayzik Haver AKA Yizhak Isaac Haver Wildmann, author of Pithei Shearim ,1789-1853; R. Dov Baer Schneurson ala Rabbi Dov Ber; Isaac Aboab da Fonseca; Yosef Hayim Ben Elijah of Baghdad aka Ben Ish Hai, author of Ben Ish Hai, 1832-1909; Shlomo Eliashev aka Solomon Eliashov aka Rav Shlomo of Shavel, author of LeShem Shevo ve-Ahlamah, 1841-1924; Abraham Isaac Kook, 1865-1935, author of Puerto del Cielo aka Sha’ar ha-Shamayim, Reprinted by Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Rabbi Hillel Shaklover ; Alexander Altmann, 1987; Kenneth Krabbenhoft; Ricardo Muñoz Solla;


Sultan of Morocco Moulay, Achmed-el-Mansur.; Queen Elizabeth I; (fellow student of Luria) Moses ben Jacob Cordovero; Joseph Karo; Chaim Vital; Moses Alshech; Elijah de Vidas; Joseph Ḥagiz; Elisha Galadoa; Moses Bassola; Solomon Alḳabiẓ,


The Little Lions (Luria was The Lion, or Ari)


Epistle on Shiur Qomah, on Qabalah and Philosophy; Puerta Del Cielo on Religion, Qabalah and Platonic philosophy; Abraham Cohen Herrera, Epitome y Compendio de la Logica o Dialectica



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