Abraham Maimonides

Abraham Maimonides, Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon, Avraham ben Rambam, Rabbeinu Avraham ben ha-RamBam, Avraham Maimani

Egypt 1186 - 1237

Rabbi; wrote of almost Sufi like simplicity and piety; his famous father was over 50 when Abraham was born, but lived to train him and see him become a respected scholar; Medical doctor, court physician; brought many of the Karaites back to orthodox Judaism; Rationalistic yet Spiritual, a doctor and scientists as well as Rabbi; introspective solitude leads to spiritual growth;


father Maimonides aka RaMBaM , his father; Geonim Rabbi Saadiah; Rabbi Shmuel ben Chofni; the Chazal or collectively the “CḤakhameinu Zikhronam Liv'rakha” aka חכמינו זכרונם לברכה aka “Our Sages, may their memory be blessed”;


Rabbi Elazar Hurvitz ; Rabbi Vidal Tzarfati ; Rabbi Avraham Ibn Migash ; Rabbi Avraham Eilburg of Braunschweig, Qabalist; Rav Aharon Kotler ; Rabbi Aryeh Carmell (1917–2006);



Anan Ben David the Karaite; Rabbi Schmeltzer;


was the Naggid or Cheif Rabbi of the Egyptian Jews after his Father, and the Sultan's physician;


Sefer Milchamoth Hashem aka “The Book of the Wars for G-d” aka HaMaspik L'Ovdei Hashem, 1230; Commentaries on Torah in Arabic, for Egyptian Jewish community;


“We are not obliged, on account of the great superiority of the sages of the Talmud, and their expertise in their explanations of the Torah and its details, and the truth of their sayings in the explanation of its general principles and details, to defend them and uphold their views in all of their sayings in medicine, in science and in astronomy, or to believe them [in those matters] as we believe them regarding the explanation of the Torah”;


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