Abraham von Franckenberg

Abraham von Franckenberg

Germany 1593 – 1652

Rosicrucian; Qabalist; Alchemy; Quietism; Lutheran mysticism; Pansophism; scientifically and philosophically interested in Space, what was it, what filled it, how did signals and forces travel through it? Believed it was the original fiery water of Aesch-Maschim, the spark of Creation generated by the tension between stern Fire and Moist Love;




Benedictus Figulus; Adam Halsmayr; Dr. Balthasar Walther; Johannes Hevelius, astronomer; Joachim Morsius;


Georg Seidel, a Lutheran preacher ;



Raphael, Oder Arzt-Engel, 1676; Schlussreden der Wahrheit (1625), Mir nach! (1637); Vita veterum sapientium (1637);Jordanssteine (1636) ; Oculus siderius AKA The Starry Eye ; Grundlicher und wahrhafter Bericht von dem Leben und dem Abschied des in Gott selig ruhenden Jacob Boehmes; Theophrastia Valentiniana, 1700;


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