Abraham Von Worms

Abraham Von Worms aka Abraham the Jew aka Abraham ben Simeon ben Judah ben Simeon

Poland or Wurzburg aka Worms Germany 1559 or 1362 - @ 1430 or 1453

Qabalist; Ceremonial Magick; Letter manipulation by Number Squares or Kamea; interestingly enough, in The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation - Revised and Expanded by Abraham Von Worms ( as Author), Georg Dehn (as Editor), Steven Guth (as Translator) from all 3 existing manuscripts, the French, German and slightly later Sephardic Hebrew, & a Lon Milo DuQuette Foreword, 2006 they suggest “Abraham von Worms, long thought to be a pseudonymous figure, is nearly conclusively proved to be a well-known 14th century Jewish scholar, Rabbi Jacob ben Moses ha Levi Moellin, more commonly known as MaHaRIL. Georg Dehn is a life-long student of all things esoteric, which led him on the quest to not only translate The Book of Abramelin, but also to following the original seeker's footsteps through the Middle East and eventually to the hermitage at Araki.”1)

However, the MaHaRaL was Judah Loew, 1520 – 1609. Rabbi Jacob ben Moses ha Levi Moellin wrote a book called the Maharil,2) but it contains no Kamea, or Number Squares, so this seems unlikely.

There is a strong case for Abraham Cohen de Herrera being “Abraham the Jew” to Rabbi Chaim Vital's Abramelin the Mage.

Judah Loew the “Moreinu Ha-Rav Loew” aka “Our Teacher, Rabbi Loew” seems a more likely inspiration, in that he was widely revered as a Magician who created the Prague Golem. But in his existing works, have yet to find any Number Square type magick. He was more likely born in what would become Poland, but has been associated with Rabbi Bezalel Loew of Worms, in what would become Germany. Judah Loew was an Ashkanazi, and would have pronounced his Hebrew in that Northern fashion, while the Latin letter transliterations in Abramelin are decidedly Sephardic3), with characteristic softer Ss and Cs. He would meet with Emperor Rudolf II on February, 23 1592. He corresponded with Tycho Brahe the astronomer, and is rumored to have known Dr. John Dee. So he is a 16th century Rabbi, who creates the Lubavitcher Hasidim line of descent.

His most influential, mystical (as opposed to Rabinical) work is Nistar BeLashon Nigleh,aka “The Secret Hidden in the language of the Revealed”.

Indeed, the closest example to a Kamea or Number Square observed so far in in the work of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, who puts permutations of the Divine NAME into a grid of “ Tzeruf” combinations (from the Wisdom of Combinations or “ Hochmah ha-Tseruf ”) @ 1200. in Chaye Ha-Olam Ha-Ba aka Life in the World to Come, 1280, he used circles similar to the “volvelles”, wheels with letters inside wheels of Raymond Lull, @ 1250, as we as charts of two letter combinations of the God-name for chanting and meditation. One could consider Eleazar Ben Judah aka Eleazar of Worms AKA Eleazar Ben Judah Ben Kalonymus of Worms aka “Eleazar the Perfumer” , who, by “the gematria and notarikon systems of interpretation found in the Talmud, Eleazar invented new combinations by which miracles could be performed.”4)

They also occur in the anonymous Qabalistic alchemical WORK Aesch-Mezareph aka Esh M'saref aka The Purifying Fire, read it here (http://www.levity.com/alchemy/aesch.html) . Those Kamea are in Number form, with each row, column and diagonal adding to the same value. A future project will be to transcribe these NUMBERs into Hebrew letters, and the Abra-melin Kamea Hebrew and Latin letters into NUMBERs to look for correspondences.

While obscure, the Little Lion Chaim Vital‎ references Magic Squares in a lost section of the Moussaief Manuscript in Jerusalem on Alchemy, and some of his WORK is set up in a similar fashion, see an example; This is the subject of my current research efforts;

Further complicating the historical situation is Age-Old Chymical Work aka Uralter Chymisches Werck, 1735 by Abraham the Jew, perhaps Rabbi Abraham Eleazar“. In his translation's introduction, MacGregor Mathers suggests this “earlier” (actually later) Abraham might be the fore-bearer of the Abraham who seeks out Abramelin, without any written explanation. (page xix, Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, 1974 edition). But the two works have nothing in common, the later being Alchemy with strong Christian and symbolism reminiscent of the Rosicrucians rather than Judaism, even heretical Judaism. Also, it would seem Abraham Von Worms predates Abraham Eleazar by 400 years, if we use the date in the manuscript, or 100 years if we use the publishing dates. One would expect a Jew from Poland and the Germanic areas to speak Ashkenazic Hebrew, with the harder K and Ch sounds, while the Latin transliterations on the Abramelin squares show the softer S and F sounds in the Latin substitutions.

In answer to an inquiry, Alchemy expert par excellence Adam McLean distinguishing between 3 books and authors, his reply was so quick and precise it bears quoting in full:

“1). Rabbi Abraham Eleazar, author of Age-Old Chymical Work aka Uralter Chymisches Werck, 1735; A well known work. Written in German. Uraltes Chymisches Werck, 1735, Erfurt, 1735. I (he, Adam McLean) recently published an edition of this.

3) Habraham (aka Abraham), the Jew, Prince, Priest, Levite, Astrologer and Philosopher to the Jews scattered in Gaul, author of The Book of Hieroglyphic Figures with applications of the Fables of the Poets of the Mysteries of Christianity, of Alchemy, Pharmacy, according to NUMBERs, at least published by 1760;

The same German work as item 1, but reprinted in 1760 in Leipzig. You have here a translation into English of the title page. An English translation was issued as photocopied transcripts by Hans Nintzel in the early 1980s. It is easily available on the Internet. This translation is very poor in places.

2).Rabbi Abraham Von Worms, author of The Book of Abramelin aka The Jew Abraham of Worms's Book of the True Praxis in the Ancient Divine Magic and Astounding Things, as they have been transmitted through the Holy Kabbalah and Elohim @ 1350

This has nothing at all to do with the Rabbi Eleazar of items 1 and 2.

As far as I understand The Book of Abramelin dates to about 1608 and was written in German. The Hebrew versions are all more modern i.e. later than 1740 and are translations of the German, rather than copies of earlier Hebrew manuscripts”5) AM 4/21/2016 compare.

So he doesn't believe the “Abraham the Jew” of Abramelin is based on a historical figure.


Abra-Melin the Mage aka Abramelin of Araki aka Arachi aka Araqi (in the Egyptian desert, not the Solomon Islands); Rabbi Moses of Mayence aka Mainz; Moses; Aaron; King David; King Solomon; perhaps Abraham Abulafia;


His son Lamach; His son Joseph; MacGregor Mathers; Aleister Crowley; Gideon Bohak, author of Ancient Jewish Magic: A History aka Pishra de-Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa, 1961, reprinted 2011; Joshua Trachtenberg, author of Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion, 1939 (excellent); Chuck Furnace; Michael Lord, 1974; Adam McLean; Stephen Mace; Lon Milo DuQuette; Karl Widemann; Johann Christoph Wolf; A. Neubauer; Gershom Scholem ; Raphael Patai; Johann Richard Beecken; possibly The Little Lion Abraham Cohen de Herrera;


Samuel of Bohemia, 1387; Emperor Sigismund of Germany; Count Frederic the Quarreller, probably Frederick I, Elector of Saxony, 1423 ; Bishop John I of Wurzburg, 1403; Henry VI of England; Aaron of Araki; Constantine XI Dragases;


Paul Lacroix, 1806 -1884; Moritz Steinschneider; Gerald Strauss, Medieval Historian;



The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage aka Cabala Mystica aka The Mystical Kabbalah of the Egyptians and the Patriarchs, which is the Book of the True, Divine Magic, written by Abraham, son of Simon, for his younger son Lamech (German title) aka aka Des Juden Abraham von Worms buch der wahren Praktik in der uralten göttlichen Magie un in erstaunlichen Dingen, wie sie durch die heilige Kabbala und durch Elohym mitgeteilt worden aka The Jew Abraham of Worms's Book of the True Praxis in the Ancient Divine Magic and Astounding Things, as They Have been Transmitted though the Holy Kabbalah and Elohim, Cologne Germany, 1725 aka The Book of the Secret Magic of Abramelin the Mage, as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his Son Lamech, translated from French, S.L. MacGregor Mathers , 1898 , aka The First Book of of the Sacred Magic which God gave to Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon and the other Saints, Patriarchs & Prophets, which teaches the Divine Wisdom, left by Abraham to his Lamech his son, translated from the Hebrew 1458 (French) aka The Mystical Kabbalah of the Egyptians and the Patriarchs which is the Book of the True Old Divine Magic Written by Abraham son of Simon for his younger son Lamech (German) theoretically written @ 1379;


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