Abraham Zacuto

Abraham Zacuto aka Abraham ben Samuel Zacuto- Zacuto, Abraham ben Samuel זכות, אברהם, נ' aka Abraão ben Samuel Zacuto aka Avraham ben Samuel Zacut

Spain / Portugal 1450 – 1514

Astronomer; astrolabe; published instructions for “Ralbag” aka Levi ben Gershon’s navigation tool, the Jacob’s Staff, used by Christopher Colon aka Columbus & Vasco de Gama; Royal Astronomer and Historian to King John II of Portugal; was given quarters in the Templar built castle Tomar; his son may have sailed with Columbus to interpret his father's charts and astrolabe as navigator; expelled from Spain in 1492; preicted the World Would End and Messiah arrive in 1514, and arrived in the Ertz Yisroyal just in time to die that year


Isaac Aboab; the ROSH AKA Rabbi Asher ben Jehiel; his son Rabbi Judah, the Saint of Toledo; Isaac ben Shesheth; Samuel Valcenci; Plato; Euclid ; Aesculapius; Hippocrates;


Son Samuel; Berthold von Cohn; Luís de Albuquerque; Avraham Ḥayim Fraimann; Joseph Vizinho; “Ralbag” aka Levi ben Gershon ; Christopher Colon aka Columbus ; Vasco de Gama; Juan de Salaya; Joseph Vizinus aka Mestre José Vizinho; Abraão de Ortas of Leiria; Luís de Camões, author of the epic poem, The Lusiad, 1572 ; Yoel Lieberman ; his great grandson Moses ben Mordecai Zacuto aka The ReMe'Z;



Heinrich Graetz;



Sefer Yuḥasin ha-shalem / [me-et Avraham Zakut … ] aka History of the Jews from Creation to the Prestent; yatsa rishonah ʻa. y. Tsevi Filipoṿsḳi ; ʻim mavo ha-sefer me-et Avraham Ḥayim Fraimann ספר יוחסין השלם / [מאת אברהם זכות …] ; יצא ראשונה ע“י צבי פיליפאווסקי ; עם מבוא הספר מאת אברהם חיים פריימאנן aka Sefer Yuḥasin aka Sefer OR Yohassin aka The Book of Lineage; Sodot gedolim me-ḥakhme ha-emet סודות גדולים מחכמי האמת; ; Almanach perpetuum aka Almanach perpetuum celestium motuum - Tabulæ astronomicæ ; Almanach perpetuum aka Biur Luhoth;


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