Abufalah the Saraquisti aka of Syracuse, who might have been Abraham Abulafia aka Raziel

Italy, Sicily @ 1001 to 1100?

Alchemy making a snake, which eats others and grows to be a Basilisk; The Compass WORK aka ha Maspen, based on the lost Book of the Compass; unclear if he was a Jew or Arab, copies have been translated but originate in Hebrew and come down to us in that language; relates the story (supposedly from Medieval Talmud commentaries) of The Queen of Sheba's alchemical marriage to King Solomon to reawaken the power of her deceased husband Semus' Philosopher Stone. He not only makes Gold, they create a son named Sulayman the First to rule after her, and he can also use the Stone to transmute other metals into gold.


Maria the Jewess aka Maria Hebraea aka Maria Prophetissa, Egypt @ 200 CE; Gerber AKA Jābir ibn Hayyān AKA Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān AKA Abou Moussah; King Solomon “the Jew”; Yathra the Ishmaelite, who “copied” King Solomon's book the Book of the Hidden aka the Book of the Occult aka Sefer ha Maspun, which may have been King Hezekiah's Book of Remedies aka Sefer ha R'fu'ot; Plato; Rabbi Philo; -Averroes aka Ibn Rushd; Reggio; Ibn Mas'ud the Ashbelite; Seman of Sheba; The Queen of Sheba; Yohanan Asprmantt;


Raphael Patai; Gershom ben Shlomo of Arles, author of Gate of Heaven aka Sha'ar ha Shamayin; Johanan Alemanno aka Qabalist Yohanan Alemanno, author of the “LiḲḲutim Collectanea” & “Ḥesheḳ Shelomoh” aka The Delight of Solomon; Yishaq Sh'muel Reggio; Rabbi Jacob Emden; Abraham Hamawi aka Abraham Shalom Hay Hamawi of Morocco, author of Sefer Abi’a Hidot aka The Book of Dark Sayings & Nifla’im Ma’asekha; Jacob Provencali, author of Be-Debar Limmud ha-Hokmah


Ibn Mas'ud the Ashbelite;



The Book of the Pam Tree aka Sefer ha Tamar; The Book of the Mother of the King aka Em ha- Melek; perhaps The Book of Vexation (likely curses & cures); The Part of Scrutiny aka Theory aka Heleq ha Iyyun; The Part of Practice aka Heleq ha Ma'aseh;

  • History of Alchemy podcast episode 76 - Abufalah, Soul Dust, and making a Basilisk
  • The Jewish Alchemists: A History and Source Book by Raphael Patai
  • British Library manuscript No. 3659


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