Adam Michael Birkholz

Adam Michael Birkholz, KETMIA VERE

German 1746 - 1818



Alchemy studied along with von Rosenroth and Von Seinsheim in the Minores (5th) grade of the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross; CG Jung; Russell Yoder;



Der Compass der Weisen AKA The Compass of the Wise AKA Le Compas des sages, (1779); Splendor Lucic aka Splendor of Light, by “AdMah Booz”, 1785; Three Treatises of Art: Alchemy for the Behmenist Adept, The Little Alchemical Farmer, and The Lead of the Wise and Its Dual Species by ANONYMOUS and Adam Michael Birkholz - (tr) Russell Yoder


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