Agnostic Journal

Agnostic Journal, London, W Stewart, 1877- . Editors: June, 1877-, Charles Watts and G W Foote; 1885-1907, Saladin (pseudonym of William Ross Stewart). Related to the Rationalist Press Association.

Formerly: Secular Review and Secularist (June, 1877-Feb 16, 1878), Secular Review: Journal of Agnosticism (1885-June, 1886), Secular Review, Secularist.

John Charles Frederick Fuller “had not done any serious writing before; his utmost had been a few insignificant articles and poems, which he contributed to the Agnostic Journal. He was fighting valiantly against Christianity by the side of “Saladin”, William Ross Stewart, who was the leader of one of the main branches of militant agnosticism.”—Chapter 60

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