Agostino Steuco

Agostino Steuco, Agostinus Steuchus, Eugubinus

Italy 1497–1548

interpreted the Ancients as agreeing with the Church in most part, but in primitive analogies; Vatican Librarian ; redesigned Rome’s waterways;

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola ; Sextus Julius Africanus aka Julius Sextus Frontinus author of De Aquis or De Aqueductibus Urbis Romae; Vitruvius, author of De Architectura;

Ambrogio Morando; Charles B. Schmitt; Katherine Rinne;

Gioseffo Zarlino , 1517 –1590, Italian music theory of vibrations;

Luther; Erasmus;

Catholic Church; Bishop of Chisamo on Crete;

De perenni philosophia;


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