Arthur Dee

Arthur Dee, eldest son of John Dee and Jane Fromond, alchemist and physician. Married Isabella Prestwych (Prestech) and had 11 children.

  • Born July 13, 1579 at Mortlake, London, UK
  • Died September (or October?) 1651 at Norwich, Norfolk, UK

John Dee (father), Elias Ashmole (translator), Thomas Browne (correspondent), Charlotte Fell Smith (biographer)


Fasciculus Chemicus, abstrusae Hermeticae Scientiae ingressum, progressum, coronidem, verbis apertissimis explicans (1631) trans EN by Elias Ashmole as Fasciculus Chemicus: or Chymical Collections. Expressing the Ingress, Progress, and Egress of the Secret Hermetick Science, out of the choisest and most famous Authors. . . . Whereunto is added, The Arcanum or Grand Secret of Hermetick Philosophy. Both made English by James Hasolle, Esquire. Qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus. (1650)

Chymical collections

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