Arthur Edward Waite, commonly known as A. E. Waite, also known as Sacramentum Regis, The Sacrament of Kings; mocked as “Dead Weight” aka Grand Orient

Rosicrucian; Qabalist; Freemason; Alchemy; a very thorough but difficult writing style led Aleister Crowley to call him Dead Weight; after the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn dissolves, his desire for Mysticism over Magick leads Dr. Robert Felkin and John William Brodie-Innes to form the “Order of the Stella Matutina” separate from Waite's organization(s); Creator of quasi - Masonic Rites;

  • Born October 2, 1857 at Brooklyn, New York City, NY
  • Died May 19, 1942 at London, United Kingdom


Johannes Trithemius; Francis Barrett; Paracelsus Éliphas Lévi; Papus; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; Sigismond Bacstrom; Frederick Hockley; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie ; Rev. A.F.A. Woodford; William Wynn Westcott; Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; William Robert Woodman; William Alexander Ayton ; Cagliostro; Robert Wentworth Little; Johann Friedrich Falk; Arthur Machen; Edmund Berridge; Hargrave Jennings; Michael Sendivogius; Thomas Norton; George Starkey AKA Eirenaeus Philalethes; Michael Maier; John Frederick Helvetius, author of The golden calf which the world adores and desires : in which is handled the most rare and incomparable wonder of nature in transmuting metals, viz, how the intire substance of lead was in one moment transmuted into gold-obrizon with an exceeding small particle of the true philosophick stone; Henry Madathanas; John A. Mehung; Nicolas Flamel; Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas; Basilius Valentinus; Comte de Saint-Germain; Zosimus the Panopolite ; Morienus of Rome; Adfar ; King Calid ; Cedrenus ; Gerber AKA Jābir ibn Hayyān; Rhasis; Al Farabi; Ibn Sina (Avicenna); Artephius AKA Aesculapius; Alphonso, King of Castile; William de Loris , 1272; Arnold of Villanova AKA Arnoldus de Villa Nova; Peter d'Apona AKA Pietro d'Abano; Albertus Magnus; Thomas Aquinas; Abbot Reginald; Raymond Lull aka Raymond Lully; John Cremer, Abbot of Westminster ; Isaacs Hollandus Sr; Isaacs Hollandus, Jr; John Read, Professor of Chemistry; Artist Elias; Sigmund Richter; Roger Bacon; Sir George Ripley; Pierce, the Black Monk; Thomas Charnock; Dr. John Dee; Edward Kelly; Thomas Vaughan AKA Eugenius Philalethes ; George Starkey AKA Eirenaeus Philalethes ; Sir Isaac Newton;Alexander Seton, a Scot; Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai; RabbiMoses ben Jacob Cordovero AKA Moses De Leon; Rabbi Isaac the Blind and his translator Guillaume Postel; Jean de Pauly AKA “Pavly”; Émile Lafuma-Giraud; Gershom Scholem; Adolphe Franck, author of La Kabbal, 1843; Rabbi Isaac Luria; Rabbi Abraham Cohen de Herrera AKA Abraham Irira; Rabbi Elia del Medigo; Jacobus Gaffarel; Richard Simon; Jacob Frank; Heinrich Khunrath; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin; Martinez de Pasqually; Karl Eckartshausen; Gotfridus Leurier of Citeaux; Bernard Trevisan aka Bernard of Treviso aka Bernardus Trevisanus, author of Trevisanus de Chymico miraculo, quod lapidem philosophiae appellant, @ 1406 - 1490; Dr. Johann Isaac Hollandus;


Charles Williams, poet AKA Charles Walter Stansby Williams ; R.A. Gilbert; Archibald Cockren, author of Theoretical Alchemy & Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored; W. L. Wilmshurst aka Worshipful Brother Walter Leslie Wilmshurst; Alvin Langdon Coburn (1882 – 1966) aka L. A. Bosman aka “Maby-y-Trioedd” (Son of the Triads) aka “Deus Portarum Lucis” of the Universal Order aka the Order of Ancient Wisdom aka the Hermetic Truth Society ; Rev. A.H.E. Lee, who died in the Blitz of WWII when his Vicarage was bombed; Edward Langford Garstin, aka E. J. Langford-Garstinof Alpha et Omega; R.A. Gilbert; J. B. Trinick, artist; Philip Beitchman, 1998; W. J. Colville;


Pamela Colman Smith, artist of the Tarot deck; Evelyn Underhill, 1924; H.B. Kerby;


Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666 ; H. P. Lovecraft;


Theosophical Society; The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Stella Matutina; his Christian oriented Fellowship of the Rosy Cross (1915); Ordo Sanctissimus Rosæ et Aureæ Crucis; the Order of the Independent and Rectified Rite aka the short-lived Independent and Rectified Rite of the Golden Dawn; Freemason, 1901 at Runymede Lodge No. 2430 at Wraysbury, Bucks, became WM in 1910; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, (SRIA), 1902; Holy Royal Arch, in Metropolitan Chapter No. 1507, 1902; Knights Templar; York Rite of Freemasonry;


Co-creator of the “Rider-Waite Tarot deck” and accompanying booklet and book The Pictorial Key to the Tarot; Inner and Outer Order Initiations of the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn; The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross: Being Records of the House of the Holy Spirit in its Inward and Outward History, 1924 (may be the same as Ordo Rosae Rubeae Et Aureae Crucis or it may be a separate but related text; Israfel: Letters, Visions and Poems, 1886; The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry; A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry (Ars Magna Latomorum) and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites, Literature, and History; Theories As to the Authorship of the Rosicrucian Manifestoes; The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail: Its Legends and Symbolism Considered in Their Affinity with Certain Mysteries of Initiation and Other Traces of a Secret Tradition in Christian Times; private diaries from 1909 to 1942, an extended diary for 1902-1903, the Minute Books of his Rosicrucian Order; Shadows of Life and Thought aka Shadows of Life and Thought, 1938: A Retrospective Review in the Form of Memoirs; Some Deeper Aspects Of Masonic Symbolism; The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy; What is Alchemy; The Hermetic And Rosicrucian Mystery; The Secret Doctrine In Israel - A Study of the Zohar and its Connections; The Templar Orders In Freemasonry; A Detection Of Damnable Rites Practiced By Three Witches Arraigned At Chelmisforde In Essex; A French Method Of Fortune Telling By Cards ; The Doctrine And Literature Of The Kabalah; The Hermetic Museum, Vol 1 &2, 1893 - from the Latin Latin in 1678 edition; The Real History Of The Rosicrucians; Turba Philosophorum AKA Assembly Of The Sages; Alchemists Through the Ages; The Holy Kabbalah; The Book of Ceremonial Magic - The Literature of Ceremonial Magic and a complete Grimoire; Strange Houses of Sleep, with Arthur Machen; “ Devil-Worship in France” aka The Question of Lucifer - A Record of Things Seen and Heard in the Secret Societies According to the Evidence of Initiates, 1896; Spagyrical Writings of Paracelsus AKA Hermetic and Alchemical Writings ofParacelsus (translated); The Secret Tradition in Goetia; A French Method of Fortune Telling by Playing Cards; Ordo Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis; Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism; The Meaning of Alchemy; Louis Claude de St. Martin aka Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, 1901; translated The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary by Karl Eckartshausen; Ode to Astronomy,1877; The Unknown World magazine (editor, chief writer); ‘The Mysteries of Magic - a Digest of the writings of Éliphas Lévi, 1886, which Albert Pike borrowed from in Morals and Dogma; Handbook of Cartomancy, 1889; The Occult Sciences,1891; Studies in Mysticism , 1906; Emblematic Freemasonry, 1925; Quest of the Golden Stairs - A Mystery of Kinghood in Faërie, 1927; Belle and the Dragon; (translated) The Works of Thomas Vaughan; The Way of Divine Union; Strange Houses of Sleep; Azoth or the Star in the East - A New Light of Mysticism; Embracing the First Matter of the Magnum Opus, the Evolution of Aphrodite-Urania, the Supernatural Generation of the Son of the Sun, and the Alchemical Transfiguration of Humanity, 1893; Raymond Lully: Illuminated Doctor (aka Raymond Lull) ; Alchemist and Christian Mystics; Three Famous Mystics; Understanding the Tarot Deck; Steps to the Crown; see also Hermetic Papers of A. E. Waite. The Unknown Writings of a Modern Mystic edited by R.A. Gilbert; The Alchemical Writings of Edward Kelly: The Englishman's Excellent Treatises on the Philosopher's Stone, together with The Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy; The Secret Tradition in Alchemy; Raymond Lully essay in Three Famous Alchemists on Raymond Lull; Lamps of Western Mysticism. Essays on the Life of the Soul in God, 1923; (tr) The New Pearl of Great Price; A Treatise Concerning the Treasure and Most Precious Stone of the Philosophers or the Method and Procedure of this Divine Art by Bonus of Ferrara; The Complete Manual of Occult Divination - Manual of Cartomancy and Occult, Volume I. & The Book of Destiny, Volume 2; The Occult Sciences: A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment - Embracing an Account of Magical Practices- of Secret Sciences in Connection with Magic - of the Professors of Magical Arts - and of Modern Spiritualism, Mesmerism and Theosophy, 1974


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