C F Russell

C F Russell, Cecil Frederick Russell, Frater Genesthai, Fiat Lux

Thelemite; math; Ceremonial Magick; sex magick; 'Alphaism': magical chastity (less sexual abstinence, as such, than the abstinence from any sexual act which isn't also a dedicated magical act). The second is 'Dianism' (or 'Diana-ism'): prolonged sexual intercourse without orgasm in order to reach a 'borderland state' (on the part of the man; as usual in such cases, the techniques are primarily masculine-oriented). The third is 'Quodosch', which Russell also called the 'Formula of Jack & Jill': full sexual intercourse, with orgasm, equivalent to the OTO's IX° work. (quoted in both Culling: Sex Magick; Russell: Znuz, Vol. 3, pp 323–327)


Aleister Crowley; Frater Achad AKA Charles Stansfeld Jones; Jack Parsons; Jane Wolfe;Leah Hirsig AKA Soror Alostrael; Elaine Simpson; Vera “Lola” Stepp; Victor Neuburg; Leila Waddell AKA Laylah, Jeanne Foster AKA Sr. Hilarion ; Wilfred Smith AKA Frater 132;Helen Parsons Smith; Ninette Shumway AKA Sister Cypris; Rudolph Steiner ; Eva Margaretha von Buttlar aka Mother Eve aka the Sophia of Bohme, (1670 - 1721) of the Buttlarsche Rotte;


Louis Culling; Ian Corrigan; W.A. Hixenbaugh; Stephen Eberhart; Ray Burlingame aka Ray G. Burlingame aka 'Frater Aquarius IX', (1893-1965) ; Mildred Burlingame, his wife; Arley Barber; Stephan Hoeller AKA Baron von Hoeller-Bertram; Caroll Poke Runyon Jr.; Hal Von Hofe AKA Frater IDOMME ; Franklin Thomas; William C. Conway AKA “Tau Lucifer II” ; James D. Wardle; Roland Merritt Shreves; William W. Webb AKA William Wallace Webb; Anthony Fisher AKA “Nemo” ; Marc-Antoine Lully[anov] AKA Marc Lully AKA “Tau IV”;


Frank Bennett; Barbara Russell, wife;



collected memoirs, entitled “Znuz is Znees”; Barbara Cubed- the Manual of Pure Logic (1944) ; Tropermic Calculus (1944); Book Chameleon (1950) his unauthorized printing of Crowley's I Ching translation; Provenance; Grammar of Changes; Manual of Electrocombinational Engineering; Book of Radicals, 1954; Rime Store, 1954; Silver Cradle, 1954; Copper Kettle, 1956; Blooming Umbrella, 1956; Pepermint, 1956; North Well, 1956; Lantern Riddles, 1957; Phenix Marroe, 1957; “The Seventh Ray, Book II, 'The Red Ray'” ; and The Seventh Ray, Book I, The Blue Ray, both CFR material edited by Caroll Poke Runyon Jr. and illustrated by Frederick McLaren Adams, seems to contain some of the information from the 1970s zine;


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