Charles Seymour

Colonel Charles Seymour, C R F Seymour, Charles Richard Foster Seymour, Kim, F. P. D. (Foy pour Devoir); England (1880-1943)

  • Born 1880
  • Died 1943

Green Way Path Pagan; Dion Fortune's 2nd Magical Partner, after Charles Thomas Loveday AKA Nibs; Freemason;

“With the start of the Second World War, Dion and her group lost several important members. In 1932, she had managed to interest Christine Campbell Thomson (18971985) in her magical movement. It seems that Dion quickly noted a developing sympathy between her husband Thomas and Christine, and that this observation had something to do with her decision to induce her new pupil to practise her magic paired with Colonel Charles Richard Foster Seymour (1880-1943). Despite these precautions, however, Thomas Penry Evans left Dion Fortune (and the Society) in 1939. Seymour and Christine (having become Hartley by a second marriage) became the Society’s most brilliant magicians: their ‘dance of the Gods’ (of which transcriptions remain) remains one of the most impressive examples of evocatory magic in the twentieth century. Dion did not, however, appreciate Seymour and Christine’s excessive independence and, in the last years of her life, she returned to a more Christianized view of the occult, although still ‘celtic’ and reincarnationist. Seymour, Christine Hartley and Dion Fortune also collaborated in a great magic battle, led from Glastonbury, to help Allied troops in the war against the Third Reich.”—Peter Clarke, ed., Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements

“Charles Richard Foster Seymour and Christine Hartley, the heads of the Pagan Section of the Fraternity of the Inner Light, were also possible influences on [New Forest Coven].”—James R Lewis, Witchcraft Today: An Encyclopedia of Wiccan and Neopagan Traditions

“[Charles Seymour] [w]hose Mystery initials, under which he most often wrote, were F. P. D. (Foy pour Devoir).”—John Selby, Dion Fortune and her Inner Plane Contacts: Intermediaries in the Western Esoteric Tradition


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