Christine Sempers

Co-author with E A St George; proprietor of Raven Corvus Books


  • Mind Witch
  • Folk Witchery for Beginners
  • A Folk Witchery Book of Self Initiation and Solitary Witchcraft
  • A Folk Witchery Book of Weather Lore
  • A Folk Witchery Miscellany of Moon Magic
  • A Folk Witchery Compendium of Gems and Mineral (with Graham Raven)
  • A Folk Witchery Book of Halloween (with Graham Raven)
  • A Folk Witchery Book of the Winter Solstice (authorship presumed)
  • A Folk Witchery Book of Fairies (with Graham Raven)
  • A Folk Witchery Book of Runes (authorship presumed)
  • Issobel Gowdie—Confessions of a Witch
  • Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches by Charles G Leland, ed C P Sempers
  • Black and White Magic of Albertus Magnus ed Chris Sempers
  • The Hymns of Orpheus trans Thomas Taylor, ed Chris Sempers
  • Anglo Saxon Magic, Medicine & Wisdom
  • Journeys to the Summerland
  • Tinctures, Potions and Elixers
  • An Alternative Almanack of Unlikely Saints by Chris Sempers & E A St George (as Elizabeth St George)
  • The Astrological Witch
  • The Gemstone Handbook
  • The Magical Herbal Speellbook
  • Herbal Toiletries
  • The Celtic Tree Calendar
  • Moonflower—A Manual of Menstrual Mysteries (with Graham Raven)
  • The Wiccan Tutor Tape Transcripts 1–5

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