E A St George

Elizabeth Ann St George

Elizabeth Ann St George, Sandra West, “Adept, Wife and Mother”1), publishing house Spook Enterprises, College of Pleiades, developed “an esoteric belief system called A.D.I.C” “an abbreviation of Absolute Deity in Infinite Continuums” “and its basic philosophy can be summarised as the evolution of all entities in the universe towards Godhead.” 2)

E A St George's The Casebook of a Working Occultist appears on screen in the 1977 show Children of the Stones.3)4)

Charles Thursdon, Madam Ruzo, A M St George, Christine Sempers, Bobbie Gray, ADIC, Spook Enterprises, Atlantis Bookshop, William G Gray, Raven Corvus Books (prop. Christine Sempers), Rigel Press, College of Pleiades (same address as Spook Enterprises)

In Casebook of a Working Occultist there is reference to invoking Mr Spock, the character from Star Trek. That St George was a scifi author and writes about invoking the character begs the question of what influence there may have been between St George's esoteric philosophy ADIC (Absolute Deity in Infinite Continuums) and Gene Roddenberry's creation of the Vulcan philosophy IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations).


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