Edward Kelly

Greater Feast of Edward Kelly, died November 25, 1597 at Most, Czech Republic in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Edward Kelly, Edward Kelley, Edward Talbot

England 1555 – 1597

Enochian; Alchemy; Crystal gazing; was at times a forger and thief, but may have also been very talented;

“Nor did He leave any Part of His Work unfinished, unless it be that accomplished three hundred Years ago by Sir Edward Kelly, of whom I also come, as thou knowest.”—Liber Aleph, 73 Βτ. DE QUODAMM MAGO AEGYPTIORUM. QUEM APPELUNT JUDAEI MOSHEH.

“Or again, I suppose that he is in Vision, and an Angel, visiting him, imparteth a Truth contrary to his Prejudice, as it fell out in mine own Case, when I inhabited the Body of Sir Edward Kelly, or so do I in Part remember, as it seemeth dimly. This nevertheless is sure (or the learned Casaubon, publishing the Record of that Word with the Magician Dee, sayeth falsely) that an Angel did declare unto Kelly the very Axiomata of our Law of Thelema, in good Measure, and plainly”—Liber Aleph, 187 Ζε. DE MENTE INIMICA ANIMO

“Then my Instructor showed me that the Brotherhood send forth one of their fellows every two thousand years, bringing one Word to serve Mankind as a new Formula of Magick, that it may take one further step on the long road that leadeth to Perfection.

Also, twice in that period, that is, at intervals of a little more than three, and a little less than seven, centuries, they send a lesser prophet to prepare the Way of the next Word, and to maintain or to restore the virtue of the Word then current.

And on the unfurled portion of the chart I read the names of certain of these Brethren …

Next was a name sore blurred: SIR EDWARD KELLY”—Part III, The Heart of the Master.

“In more remote times, the constituent originating assemblies of the O.T.O. included such men as […] Sir Edward Kelly”—Liber LII Manifesto of the O.T.O.

Edward Kelly appears as Sir Edward Kelly in all versions of the Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in Liber XV, published during Aleister Crowley's lifetime. Sir Edward Kelly is on the short list of all but the first (The International), and is therefore a name celebrated at all performances when the Saints Collect where his name appears is read.

Gnostic Saint International Equinox Magick in Theory and Practice
Edward Kelly Sir Edward Kelly Sir Edward Kelly Sir Edward Kelly


Dr. John Dee ; Sir Phillip Sydney, spymaster; Johannes Trithemius, cryptographer; Rabbi Isaac Luria; ; Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel; Giordano Bruno;


Karl Widemann, Secretary; Theodore Besterman; Claude Alexander Conlin; Frederick Hockley; theoretically Robert Hooke, who decripted his Enochain as secret service reports to the Queen's Secret Service rather than Angelic visions; Otakar Zachar, author of On Alchemy and Czech Alchemists; Ivan Sviták; Robert John Weston Evans, author of Rudolf II and his World: A Study in Intellectual History, 1576-1612 ; Peter Marshall, author of The Magic Circle of Rudolf II: Alchemy and Astrology in Renaissance Prague; Ivo Purs; Susan Bassnett, author of “Absent Presences: Edward Kelley's Family in the Writings of John Dee”; Donald Cheney and Brenda Hosington, who translated Westonia's writings; James Campbell; Ferdinand of Tyrol; Inigo Jones; Robert Boyle; W.B. Yeats; Aaron Leitch; Michael Wilding , author of “Edward Kelly: A Life“ ; Peter Vok of the Rozmberks, 1539-1611; Vilem aka William Vok of the Rozmberks, 1535-1592; Count Albert Laski;


John Blokley; Vilem Rožmberk AKA Lord Rosenberg. Rožmberk; Elias Ashmole ; Sir Thomas Browne; Oswald Croll, author of Basilica Chymica; step-daughter, Elizabeth Jane Weston aka Westonia; Archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol; Thomas, Brother; Ludmilla z Pisnice aka Ludmilla von Pisnitz, sister-in-law in Bohemia; Vice-Chancellor Heinrich von Pisnitz; Lord Villem Rosenberg, patron; John Francis, brother; Lord Treasurer William Cecil; Sir Edward Dyer;


Rudolph II knighted him as Sir Edward Kelley of Imany and New Lüben on February 23, 1590, but put him in jail soon after, where he eventually died; Thomas Seccombe, author of Lives of Twelve Bad Men; A.F. Pollard ;


The Stone of the Philosophers; The Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy (found here http://www.levity.com/alchemy/terrastr.html); The Alchemical Writings of Edward Kelly: The Englishman's Excellent Treatises on the Philosopher's Stone, together with The Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy, edited by A.E. Waite;


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