Ethel Archer

Ethel Archer, Mrs Eugene Wieland; poet, writer. Contributed to The Equinox, The English Review, and The Occult Review. Member of A∴A∴. Nicknamed “Sappho” by Victor Neuburg.1)

  • Born 1880s
  • Died 1961
  •—“Originally published in 1911 this collection of poems addressed to and other intimates of Aleister Crowley includes an Introduction & Dedication by Crowley, and a poem by Victor Neuburg. The author, Ethel Archer, was a close associate of Crowley's at the time, and one of the central figures in the group involved with the publication of “The Equinox” series: with her husband Eugene Wieland she published a number of Crowley's works. Includes advertisements for “The Equinox” and other Crowley titles at rear.”
  • Shadow and Shine by Ethel Archer, introduction Philip R Jensen—A retrospective collection of poems by Ethel Archer, suggested by her original outline. Perhaps best known for her contributions to journals, such as Aleister Crowley's “Equinox,” “The English Review,” and “The Occult Review,” Archer was a prolific poet, essayist, novelist, and translator. With the exception of three non-extant poems and the inclusion of her unpublished essay “Recollections,” Shadow And Shine gathers together Ethel Archer's own selection of poems both published and unpublished into a volume which has waited decades to be assembled. With an Introduction by Philip R. Jensen.“ 0359550630
  • Richard Kaczynski, Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley 1556438990


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