Evelyn Underhill

Evelyn Underhill, Soror Quaerens Lucem (“In search of the light”)

Christian Mystic; meditation; Neopaganism;


Meister Eckhart; Henry Suso; Rudolf Eucken; Henri Bergson, brother of (Moina Mathers); John of Ruysbroeck;


Aldous Huxley;


Hubert Stuart Moore, husband; Baron Friedrich von Hugel; Charles Williams, theologian; Arthur Edward Waite ;



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  • The Grey World (1904) Internet Archive
  • The Miracles of Our Lady Saint Mary: Brought Out of Divers Tongues and Newly Set Forth in English (1906) Internet Archive
  • The Lost Word (1907)
  • The Column of Dust (1909) Internet Archive
  • Mysticism: A Study of the Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness (1911) Wikisource
  • The Path of Eternal Wisdom. A mystical commentary on the Way of the Cross (1912)
  • Introduction to The Cloud of Unknowing (1912)
  • The Spiral Way. Being a meditation on the fifteen mysteries of the soul's ascent (1912)
  • The Mystic Way. A psychological study of Christian origins (1914) Internet Archive
  • Practical Mysticism. A Little Book for Normal People (1914) Wikisource
  • Ruysbroeck (1914) Internet Archive
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  • The Mystics of the Church (1925)
  • Concerning the Inner Life (1927) Internet Archive
  • Man and the Supernatural. A study in theism (1927)
  • The House of the Soul (1929)
  • The Light of Christ (1932)
  • The Golden Sequence. A fourfold study of the spiritual life (1933)
  • The School of Charity. Meditations on the Christian Creed (1934)
  • Worship (1936)
  • The Spiritual Life (1936)
  • The Mystery of Sacrifice. A study on the liturgy (1938)
  • Abba. A meditation on the Lord's Prayer (1940)
  • Fruits of the Spirit (1942) edited by R L Roberts Amazon
  • The Letters of Evelyn Underhill (1943), ed and introduction by Charles Williams
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  • Shrines and Cities of France and Italy (1949), ed Lucy Menzies
  • Lent with Evelyn Underhill (1964) edited by G P Mellick Belshaw
  • An Anthology of the Love of God. From the writings of Evelyn Underhill (1976) edited by L Barkway and L Menzies
  • Evelyn Underhill. Modern guide to the ancient quest for the Holy (1988) ed and introduction by D Greene
  • The Ways of the Spirit (1990) edited by G. A. Brame, Amazon
  • Fragments from an inner life. Notebooks of Evelyn Underhill (1993), ed Dana Greene
  • Evelyn Underhill. Essential writings (2003) ed by E Griffin
  • Radiance: A Spiritual Memoir (2004), ed by Bernard Bangley, Amazon
  • THE NEW EVELYN HOPE by Victor Benjamin Neuburg—“what's meant I shall say / By the novels of Evelyn Underhill”
  • REVIEWS—“This lengthy treatise upon the simplest of subjects is more free from pedantry and theological bias than was perhaps to be expected. It is very complete in its way as regards Christian mysticism; but the attempt to restrict the term mysticism to Christian mysticism must fail. It is indeed self-destructive. To exclude the authors of the Bhagavadgita, the Voice of the Silence, Knox Om Pax, and the Tao Teh King is to exclude by implication St. Teresa. To deny Crowley is to deny Christ. Similarly, the attempt to define Magic in terms contrary to its tradition, is sectarian folly. I may disagree with Huxley, but I shall not confute him by saying that he was a bigoted opponent of Evolution.”
  • Martinist Initiation—“he definition of “Christian Mystical” is itself worthy of a lengthy book such as Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill, a classic in the literature of religious studies. Evelyn Underhill was at one time a member of an authentic Golden Dawn Temple under the author A. E. Waite, in England and supposedly not unfamiliar with the practical application of her subject. ”
  • Study Group Syllabus -- Year Three—“Historical information on esotericism: … Evelyn Underhill, Worship [&] Mysticism”


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