fair play

fair play

“Those who are most familiar with the spirit of fair play which pervades our great public schools will have no difficulty, should they observe, in an obscure corner, the savage attack of Jones minor upon Robinson minimus”—ELEUSIS.

“‘It is because we are kept under lock and key that we don’t care what we do. We feel we are unjustly treated, and that we have a perfect right to cheat, and lie, and prevaricate. It is the only means of retaliation we have. Oh, I wonder if the time will ever come when we shall get fair play.’

‘No, it will not; I can tell you that much. No man or woman, from the Queen down to the beggar who spends the night on a doorstep, gets fair play. There isn’t a single human being in all the world who hasn’t been kept back from doing all he might by other people, or by circumstances of one sort or another. This place is meant for a struggle; and the only way to get through it comfortably is to cultivate a taste for struggling.’”—The Dancing Faun

“I do not know any man or woman who has attacked, betrayed, calumniated or otherwise opposed my Work, who has not met with disaster. Some are dead, some are insane, some are in jail. The only exceptions are those whom I have protected from retribution by taking up arms for myself and thus inducing the Masters to stand aside and see fair play.”—Chapter 67

“They live in a country which boasts of sportsmanship and fair play as their copyright, but refuse to apply their principles, to say nothing of elementary justice, to cases which involve the suspicion of sexual irregularity. The accusation is sufficient.”—Chapter 96

“…there is apt to be an exaggerated self-confidence in their own opinion of what {119} is fair play when the rights of others are involved. It is, therefore, a good sign for the acquisition of fortune; when well dignified, this fortune may be turned to noble uses, but always along lines that satisfy the individual ideas of its possessor.”—Scorpio

“We will allow you fair play. Men are all-knowing, and, if you are a man, you will be able to answer a question. Will you therefore have the kindness to tell us what is the cube-root of the diameter of a circle having a periphery of 3,1415, if you please?”—https://hermetic.com/hartmann/among-the-gnomes/chapter-3

“This also is understood and provided for in The Book of the Law: 'The slaves shall serve.' But it is possible for any apparent slave to prove his mastery by fighting his oppressors, even as now; but he has this additional chance in our system, that his conduct will be watched with kindly eye by our authorities, and his prowess rewarded by admission to the ranks of the master-class. Also, he will be given fair play. Liber CLXI Concerning the Law of Thelema and Concerning the Law of Thelema

“Bob may be a brilliant critic and hilarious wit, but he’s not a nice guy. His infamous reputation isn’t built on fair play or good sportsmanship.”—Preface

“It is, therefore, natural that Lord Lansdowne should have said exactly what I have been saying in this paper ever since its owners, in a magnificent spirit of Fair Play, offered England (in my humble person) a voice in America.”—England Speaks


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