Not George Ripley (transcendentalist)

George Ripley (alchemist)

George Ripley, alchemist, author, English Augustinian canon (“Canon of Bridlington”)

  • Born circa 1415
  • Died 1490, Kingdom of England

Thomas Norton (influenced), John Dee (influenced), Robert Boyle (influenced), Isaac Newton (influenced), Pope Innocent VIII (a favourite of), Eirenaeus Philalethes, Guido de Montanor, pseudo-Ramon Lull, Elias Ashmole (influenced), Alchemy, Arthur Edward Waite (influenced), Zosimos (influencer), Adam McLean (influenced), Cornelius Agrippa (influenced)


George Ripley, Cantilena Riplaei

George Ripley, Opera omnia chemica. Kassel, 1649.

George Ripley, Liber duodecim portarum (“The Compound of Alchemy” “Twelve Gates leading to the Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone”)

Aeyrenaeus Philalethus, Ripley Reviv'd; or, An Exposition upon Sir George Ripley's Hermetico-Poetical Works (1678).

Ripley Scroll “They are called Ripley scrolls because some of them include poetry associated with the alchemist.”1)

  • The History of Alchemy in America “This appeared in Cooper's advertisement for Ripley Reviv'd in 1678”
  • Introduction (by Walter L Wilmshurst, 1918) “Bridlington seems to have attracted her, in part because of its Priory Church which had once been served by a noted sixteenth century Hermetist, Canon Sir George Ripley”
  • MUTUS LIBER “Quoted Authors And Works … George Ripley 1415?-1490”
  • The Cosmopolitan Compiled “Included in this volume are all of Philalethes’ works available in English, indexed and complete, with the original format preserved. A partial look at the contents shows … Ripley Revived; An Exposition upon the First Six Gates of Sir George Ripley’s Compound of Alchemie”
  • Angel Magick, Dee’s Rosie Crucian Secrets and the Byrom Collection “The family entrusted her with the remaining pieces of the collection, 516 separate pieces of paper and card stock covered, some on both sides, with enigmatic geometrical diagrams. Even though some of the diagrams had writing on them, there was not a single explanatory note. A few were dated, the latest being 1732, and a few others had what appeared to be brief, cryptic instructions or commentaries. Some sheets had initials on them of recognizable people and some even had a name or two mentioned. These included George Ripley …”
  • The Rotation of the Elements “When thou hast made the quadrangle round, Then is all the secret found. – George Ripley (d. 1490)”
  • Frontpages “COLLECTANEA CHEMICA. Being certain Select Treatises on Alchemy and Hermetic medicine. By EIRENAEUS PHILALETHES, &c. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. net. CONTENTS — The Secret of the Immortal Liquor called Alkahest — Aurum Potabile — The Admirable Efficacy of the True Oil of Sulphur Fire — The Stone of the Philosophers — The Bosom Book of Sir George Ripley — The Preparation of the Sophic Mercury.”

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