Helena Petronva Blavatsky

Helena Petronva Blavatsky in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Greater Feast of Helena Petronva Blavatsky, died May 8, 1911 at London, England in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Helena Petronva Blavatsky, H P Blavatsky, née Yelena Petrovna von Hahn

Russian 1831 - 1891

introduced Theravada Buddhism to West; Theosophy; The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor located it's wisdom in Ancient Egypt without much Egyptian symbolism based on Hermes Trismegistus, while the Theosophical Society located it's nexus of authority even further East, in India and Tibet, after Blavatsky 1st refereed to Egypt in earlier works; She refers to the Zohar book The Greater Concealed Mystery by a corruption of it's Hebrew name Sifra D’Zeniuta becomes the “Voice of Dzyan”, which she reports was written in Tibetan, not Aramaic or Hebrew;

“Liber LXXI The Voice of the Silence / The Two Paths / The Seven Portals by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 8=3 with a Commentary by Frater O.M. [Aleister Crowley] 7=4“—Liber LXXI The Voice of the Silence / The Two Paths / The Seven Portals

“Crowley recognized Blavatsky as a Sister of A∴A∴ (i.e. a Master of the Temple 8=3 in his system of spiritual grades)“—T Polyphilus, Review: The Book of Dzyan

Blavatsky was inducted into the Order of the Eagle, April 2000


Anagarika Dharmapala AKA Don David Hewavitarane, Teacher “Takhur Gulab-Singh”; Teacher “Koot Hoomi” (K.H.); Wiliam Eddy & Horatio Eddy; “the Mahatmas”; Coptic magician Paulos Metamon; Allen Kardec AKA Allan Kardec AKA Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail 1804–1869; Martinez de Pasqually; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin; Jean-Baptiste Willermoz; Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund; George Henry Felt, a Qabalist whose Elemental demonstration was a disappointment; inspired by Paracelsus; Baron de Palm; Godfrey Higgins; Moses de Leon; Paul M. Christian, author of The History and Practice of Magic;


Col. Henry Steel Olcott; H.F.Pisareva; V.P. Jelihovsky; Alfred A.P. Sinnett; Alfred Barker ; Charles Leadbeater; Alice Bailey; Guy Ballard; Frank Bennett; Annie Besant;William Q. Judge; Abner Doubleday; Katherine Tingley; GRS Mead AKA George Robert Stowe Mead; Rudolf Steiner; Edward Arthur Wilson AKA Brother XII of the Aquarian Foundation; Vera Alder; Emma Hardinge Britten; William Britten,; C.C. Massey; Charles Sotheran; Dr. Charles E. Simmons; Herbert D. Monachesi; W. L. Alden; D. E. de Lara; Henry J. Newton; John Storer Cobb; J. (James H?) Hyslop; Josephine Ransom; Sidney Ransom; Dr. Seth Pancoast; Walter A. Carrithers, Jr; Professor Hiram Corson, early supporter, turned enemy when she denounced Spiritualism; his son Dr. Eugene Rollin Corson; Thomas Freethinker; Rev. Mr. Westbrook; Emma Coulomb; G. De Purucker; James Morgan Pryse, of the the Gnostic Society, 1928 , author of The Apocalypse Unsealed , 1910, 1859 – 1942; Bruce F. Campbell; Nicholas Roerich, painter; Henry Wallace, Sec of Agriculture and geneticist; E. M. Butler aka “Elsie” aka Elizabeth M. Butler aka Eliza Marian Butler, author of The Myth of the Magus; Grace T. Paine; E. L. Gardner; Katherine Augusta Westcott Tingley of Point Loma ,1897 in CA; General Abner Doubleday, translator of Éliphas Lévi & invented the Cable Car in San Francisco, 1869; Geoffrey McVey; Manly P. Hall; T. Subba Row; C. Jinarajadasa; J. Ralston Skinner; Mr. R. L. Christie, of the Scottish Section, T.S.; Boris de Zirkoff; Countess Constance Wachtmeister; Mary Gebhard; George S. Arundale; Archibald Keightley; Daniel H. Caldwell; Charles Lazenby, author of The Servant ; Camille Flammarion ; Maurice Maeterlinck; G. Baseden Butt; Sylvia Cranston; Iona Davey; Vernon Harrison; William Kingsland; Maude Lambart-Taylor;


Dr. Albert Rawson; Erevan Nikifor Vladimirovich Blavatsky (briefly husband); Russian countess Kiseleva; I. Mosheles, composer; Countess Konstanz Wachtmeister,; M.N. Katkov; Panchen Lama IX; Panchen Lama VIII Tenpay Vangchug; W.Y. Evans-Wentz; Doctor Malalasekera; S.Yu. Witte; Countess K. Vahtmeister; Michael Betanelly (briefly American husband); Alexander N. Aksakov; Allan O. Hume; Alexander Wilder, co-author of Isis Unveiled, originally titled A Skeleton Key to Mysterious Gates;


countless imitators like T. Lobsang Rampa; P. B. Randolph; Max Theon; Gertrude Marvin Williams; General Nikifor Blavatsky, older husband she abandoned soon after marriage; Emma and Alex Coulomb, friend and assistants who exposed her parlor tricks during seances, causing Col. Henry Steel Olcott to abandon Madame Blavatsky; Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson of Boston, author of The Figures of Hell; Or, the Temple of Bacchus. Dedicated to the Licensers and Manufactures of Beer and Whiskey, 1882; Alice Leighton Cleather; Eugene Rollin Corson; Madame Coulomb; Fydell aka Edmund Garrett;


Theosophical Society; Spiritualistic society (Societe Sirite) ; Esoteric Section (of the TS); sometimes linked to the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, called those rival groups she disapproved of “Black Brothers”, like the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor


The Secret Doctrine (2 vols); as well as an Abridged version; Isis Unveiled; The Key to Theosophy; Liber 71 The Voice Of The Silence; Practical Occultism; Studies in Occultism; Voice of Dzyan; Esoteric Writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ; edited the magazine “The Theosophist 1879 to 1888 ; Occult Tales with William Q. Judge; Nightmare Tales; Secret Instructions to Probators of an Esoteric Occult School; Studies In Occultism Vols 1, 2, & 3; Buddhism, Christianity and Phallicism article, 1896; From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan, written 1879 - 1886, published 1908;


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