Johannes Valentinus Andreae

Greater Feast of Johannes Valentinus Andreae, died June 27, 1654 at Stuttgart, Germany in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Johannes Valentinus Andreae, Christian Rosenkreutz, Johannes Valentinus Andreä, Johann Valentin Andreae, Peregrinus, Alien/Stranger, , Fracidus (Overripe fruit) in the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft, 1646, He Is Still Green

Germany 1586 – 1654

Rosicrucian; Alchemy; Astrology; The Chymical Wedding structure lends itself to being used as a Memory Aid, employing Cicero and Giordano Bruno's Palace of Memory technique;

“In more remote times, the constituent originating assemblies of the O.T.O. included such men as … Andrea”—Liber LII Manifesto of the O.T.O.

Johannes Valentinus Andreae appears as Andreae in all versions of the Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in Liber XV, published during Aleister Crowley's lifetime. Andreae is on the full list in all versions and is therefore a name celebrated only at performances when the entire Saints Collect is read.

Gnostic Saint International Equinox Magick in Theory and Practice
Andreae Andreae Andreae Andreae


Rev. Jakob Andrea, Grandfather; Tobias Hess, later accused of being the heard of the Invisible Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross by University and Religious authorities ; Hermes Trismegistus; Dr. John Dee; Johannes Trithemius; Thomas Warden; Johannes Bureus; Caspar Schwenckfeld; Guillaume Postel; Christoph Besold; Tommaso Campanella; Traiano Boccalini; Paracelsus; Valentin Weigel; Johannes Kepler; Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, poet;Helisaeus Roeslin; Heinrich Khunrath;Lutz of Meran, Paracelsus's last living medical assistant; Valentinus;


All Rosicrucians; Michael Maier; Robert Fludd; Thomas Vaughan; Roland Edighoffer; Abraham Holzl; Tobias Adami; Wilhelm von der Wense; Anton Frey; Wilhelm Bidenbach; Christoph Welling; Wilhelm Schickard; Samuel Hafenreffer; Thomas Lanz; Johannes Stoffel; Melchior Breler; Gottfried Arnold; Johann Arndt; Chrisoph Hirsch AKA Joseph Stellaturus; Duke August von Anhalt of Braunschweig-Luneberg; Philip Ziegler AKA King of Rosicrucians in England; Karl Widemann; Adam Halsmayr; Christoph Besold; William of Wensley of Lüneburg; Vadav Budowec; Siegmund Dullinger; Daniel Stolcius (AKA Stoltz von Stoltenberg); Johannes Hartman; Johannes Villanovanus; Johannes Matilletus; John Heydon; Johann Gottlieb Buhl; John Hall (translator into English, renamed Model of Christian Society & Right Hand of Christian Love Offered); Thomas Henshaw; Nathaniel Henshaw, MD; Christoph Gottlieb von Murr (author of Essay on the True Origin of the Order of Rosicrucian and Freemasonry with an Appendix on the History of the Order of the Templars, 1803); Paul M Allen, author of A Christian Rosenkreutz Anthology, 1968; Carlo Pietzner; Rudolf Steiner; George W. Snow; Irenaeus Agnostus aka Gotthardus Arthusius; George Plummer aka Khei, author of The Greatest Birthday from Tradition, Legend and History, 1919


Rosicrucian; probably a hoax, but of “Grand Master of the Priory of Sion”, Mathematical Society 1614; Societas Christiana, 1620; joined Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft aka Fruit-Bringer Society, a social /cultural club


Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459 (1616)AKA (the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz); less likely author of Fama Fraternitatis RC (The Fame of the Brotherhood of RC) which was probably written by his mentor Tobias Hess; or Confessio Fraternitatis (The Confession of the Brotherhood of RC) perhaps compiled by Christoph Besold from Hess and Andreae's material; Turbo (Whirlpool); Menippus; Spirit of the Sheathed Sword, 1616; Vita ab ipso conscripta aka Life Writes Itself, private autobiography for his Patron Duke August von Anhalt; An Image of a Christian Society, 1620; Christiani amoris dexerta porrecta; De Curiositatis Pernicie Syntagma Ad Singularitatis Studiosos;

Liber Ambrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum Fama Fraternitatis The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz


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