Karl Germer

Karl Johannes Germer Greater Feast of Karl Germer, Karl Johannes Germer, Saturnus, died October 25, 1962 at West Point, California in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Karl Germer, Karl Johannes Germer, Saturnus; Grand Treasurer General (G.T.G.) of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) under Aleister Crowley; successor to Aleister Crowley as Outer Head of the Order (O.H.O.) of O.T.O. from 1947 to 1962.

(Germany / America, 1885–1962)

“Karl J. Germer
Frater Saturnus X°
Frater Superior, O.T.O.”—Foreword (by Karl J Germer)

“In addition, the EGC Manual specifies that the names Karl Johannes Germer and Grady Louis McMurtry may optionally be added to the list of Saints in any celebration of the Gnostic Mass, and they would naturally fall at the very conclusion of the list.”—Addenda to Advice for Deacons

“Crowley died in 1947, and was succeeded as O.H.O. by Karl Germer (Saturnus, 1885-1962). During Germer's tenure as O.H.O., the only group regularly celebrating the Gnostic Mass was the Swiss O.T.O. under Hermann Metzger (1919-1990), which began celebrating the Gnostic Mass in the 1950s at its temple in Stein. Germer died in 1962, without naming a successor.”—Sabazius, History of the Gnostic Catholic Church

Karl Germer appears in no versions of the Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in Liber XV, published during Aleister Crowley's lifetime. However, as a past Outer Head of the Order, of Ordo Templi Orientis, his name can optionally be added to the end of the list of Gnostic Saints, which concludes with a list of people who have held that office.

Gnostic Saint International Equinox Magick in Theory and Practice Posthumous
Karl Germer       Karl Johannes Germer

Thelemite, OHO of the OTO and Agape Lodge; held in Nazi Concentration Camps, “COLUMBIA HOUSE”, and “ESTERWEGEN” during WWII for being a Freemason; Rosicrucian; designated Crowley's successor on July 18th, 1941 e.v.; July 20th, 1955 e.v., he expelled Kenneth Grant



Wilfred Smith AKA Frater 132; Regina Kahl; Cora Eaton, 1st wife, Sascha Ernestine Andre Germer, 2nd wife; Jack Parsons; Helen Parsons Smith nee Northrup; Marjorie Cameron Parsons; Jane Wolfe; Dr. Francis Israel Regardie; Louis Culling; Cecil Frederick Russell; Marcelo Ramos Motta; Otto William Barth; Frederic Mellinger; Henry Birven; C.H. Petersen; Eduard Munninger ; Noel Fitzgerald; William Breeze AKA Hymenaeus Beta; Grady McMurtry AKA Hymenaeus Alpha; Frater Zopiron aka Gabriel Montenegro Vargas (1907-1969), 3rd husband of Helen Parson Smith;



Eugen Grosche; Arnold Krumm-Heller; H.J. Metzger; believed Heinrich Tränker and Henry Birven betrayed him to the Gestapo, sending him to a concentration camp; Oscar Schlag;


'Collegium Pansophicum'; A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star); OTO AKA Ordo Templi Orientis; Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica AKA Gnostic Catholic Church; Church of Thelema;


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