Light, Life, Love, Liberty

Light, Life, Love, Liberty

🜀 of 🜂 Light
🜀 of 🜁 Life
🜀 of 🜄 Love
🜀 of 🜃 Liberty

“Know first, that from the Law spring four Rays or Emanations: so that if the Law be the centre of your own being, they must needs fill you with their secret goodness. And these four are Light, Life, Love, and Liberty.”—Liber CL vel לענ, A Sandal, De Lege Libellum

“This is how a lofty and profound poetry explains the fall of the angels.

God hath given to His spirits light and life; then He said to them: “Love!”

“What is—to love?” replied the spirits.

“To love is to give oneself to others,” replied God. ”Those who love will suffer, but they will be loved.”

“We have the right to give nothing, and we wish to suffer nothing,” said the spirits, hating love.

“Remain in your right,” answered God, ”and let us separate! I and Mine wish to suffer and even to die, to love. It is our duty!”

The fallen angel is then he who, from the beginning, refused to love; he does not love, and that is his whole torture; he does not give, and that is his poverty; he does not suffer, and that is his nothingness; he does not die, and that is his exile.

The fallen angel is not Lucifer the light-bearer; it is Satan, who calumniated love.

To be rich is to give; to give nothing is to be poor; to live is to love; to love nothing is to be dead; to be happy is to devote oneself; to exist only for oneself is to cast away oneself, and to exile oneself in hell.

Heaven is the harmony of generous thoughts; hell is the conflict of cowardly instincts.”—Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries

“For spiritual life and love and light
Climb the swayed ladder of our various fate;
The steep rude stair that mocks the hero’s might,
Casts off the wise, and crumbles with the great.
Yet from the highest crown no blossom fell,
Save one, to bring salvation unto Hell.”—The Athanor in The Holy of Holies

“… Before the gods
Thy music moves, coequal, coeterne,
Thou, Lord of Light and Life and Love! Come forth!
I call thee in the holiest name of Him
Lord of the Universe, and by His Name,
Jesus, the Godhead passing through the gates
Of Hell, that even there the rescuers
Might find the darkness, and proclaim the light”—Invocation in ORACLES

“So to the agony dirges of despair
Man cleft the womb, and shook the icy air
With bitter cries for light and life and love.”—THE TRIUMPH OF MAN.

“With hope, and youth,
Love, light, and power, and mastery of truth
Armed, we reject you”—THE TRIUMPH OF MAN.

“All life and light and love about me shed
Begotten in me, in my moving moven,
Are as my tears: all worlds that ever swam
As dew of kisses on my lips: I am.”—orpheus

“… the glory of my brow
Deeper delight, new ardour, to discover
Stoops in thine heart; my love and light endow
Thy life with fervour as I bend me over
The starry curve and surface of the sea,
And kiss thy very life out into me.”—orpheus

In the brave old days ere men began
To bind young hearts with an iron tether,
Ere love was brief as life, a span,
Ere love was light as life, a feather,
Earth was free as the glad wild weather,
God was father and friend to man.“—JEPHTHAH.

“Eternal bliss of Love in birthless bowers! light, the gemmed robes of Love! Life, lifted breath, Ageless existence defying death!”—TANNHÄUSER

“The four gates are perhaps Light, Life, Love, Liberty – see De Lege Libellum.”New Comment on I.51

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”—The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw

“While I cannot break certain bounds of confidentiality regarding the Central Mysteries of the Order, the explanations of the previous points do in many cases relate both to our principal doctrines and to the secret work of initiates. The variant furthermore emphasizes Light, Life, Love, and Liberty, as does the original Anthem, as a way of emphasizing the Emanations of that Law which it is the Order's purpose to promulgate.”—An Alternate Anthem for the Gnostic Mass


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