Living in the Sunlight

Living in the Sunlight is a meditation practice created by library figure Jeanne Robert Foster, Soror Hilarion, and described in a letter by figure Aleister Crowley to figure Frater Achad, Charles Stansfeld Jones; which has been revived as a modern official practice of O.T.O. in Italy and Australia.1)

“When we were in Vancouver, some years ago, a certain sister of the Order whom we called [Soror Hilarion] came to visit us with the Master Therion [Crowley]. She it was who first used this expression “living in the sun light” and who has most shown it forth in her own life…the remembrance of her is always, as it were, a ray of sunlight. She is one of the most wonderfully bright, cheerful, soothing individuals and yet at the same time so full of passion that is[sic] arises within one all the latent forces that I have ever known…she had a method all her own which everyone of us may adopt. It consisted in this: she said whatever may have been the cares and trials and troubles of the day, no matter how many people may have gone against us and appeared to be unkind to us and so on – no matter what state of mind we may have been in – there was one great secret… This world, itself, is more or less of an illusion and we create to a large extent our own illusions…we are looking at it from an illusionary point of view. Now, the idea was that every morning – every night, when she laid down to sleep, she put aside the cares of the day – all little annoyances and sorrow and shadow, with a firm determination, before sleeping, to wake up to the sun and wake up to a new day – to a clean sheet, to look at the world afresh every morning and to live that day in the sunlight and with the sun.”—Frater Achad, “Living in the Sunlight”, 1922 lecture by Frater Achad, in The Fenris Wolf 7, and quoted at Australia: the land of sun worshippers – Part IV

“In other words, do this practice just before sleep and immediately upon waking. Make this habit.”—Frater Shiva, Australia: the land of sun worshippers – Part IV

“Overlooked for about 100 years, the Australian OTO and now the Italian OTO have incorporated it into their Syllabi. In this post you will learn how you can make it part of your own personal practice too, whether you’re in the OTO or not.”—Frater Shiva, Australia: the land of sun worshippers – Part IV


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