Lord Ashburnham

Lord Ashburnham, Bertram Ashburnham, 5th Earl of Ashburnham (October 28, 1840 – January 15, 1913); Aleister Crowley was on the crew pay list of Ashurbham's yacht Firefly in 1899.

“Scott, Burns and my cousin Gregor had made me a romantic Jacobite. I regarded the Houses of Hanover and Coburg as German usurpers; and I wished to place 'Mary III and IV' on the throne. I was a bigoted legitimist. I actually joined a conspiracy on behalf of Don Carlos, obtained a commission to work a machine gun, took pains to make myself a first-class rifle shot and studied drill, tactics and strategy. However, when the time came for the invasion of Spain, Don Carlos got cold feet. The conspiracy was disclosed; and Lord Ashburnham's yacht, which was running the arms, fell into the hands of the Spanish navy.”—Chapter 13

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertram_Ashburnham,_5th_Earl_of_Ashburnham — “In preparation for the expected hostilities, Ashburnham allowed part of his Welsh estate to be used for military training. Among the recruits who learned to operate a machine gun and rifle and 'studied drill, tactics and strategy' was the young Aleister Crowley.”
  • Richard B Spence, Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence, and the Occult 1932595333
  • Richard Kaczynski, Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley 1556438990 — “… Crowley refers to the June 17.1899, seizure by the Spanish gevernment of Lord Ashburnham's British yacht Firefly … Crowley himself appears on the Firefly crew pay list for August 26,1899, as 'C. Alexander.'” (117)


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