Magick Power

“the Key to Magick Power is given in Liber CCCLXX”—notice

“The Ordeals are at present carried out unknown to the Candidate by the secret Magick Power of The Beast.”—Chapter I The First Chapter The Commentaries of AL Chapter I Out with The Old, In with The New

“I shall say words that thou wilt take to be the cry of the Aethyr, and thou wilt write them down, thinking them to be great secrets of Magick power, and they will be only my jesting with thee.”—eqi05016 The Cry of the 10th Aethyr, Which is Called ZAX

“And by my magick power I summon all the inhabitants of the ten thousand worlds to witness this mine oath.”—John St. John

“This Cup is said to be full of the Blood of the Saints; that is, every “saint” or magician must give the last drop of his life's blood to that cup. It is the original price paid for magick power. And if by magick power we mean the true power, the assimilation of all force with the Ultimate Light, the true Bridal of the Rosy Cross, then is that blood the offering of Virginity, the sole sacrifice well-pleasing to the Master, the sacrifice whose only reward is the pain of child-bearing unto him.”—Chapter VII The Formula Of The Holy Graal: Of ABRAHADABRA: and of certain other Words. Also: The Magical Memory.

“For he hath in him the Magick Power, which if he use not, he is self- poisoned, even as any Organ of the Body that refuseth its Function. So then his Cure is in his Ally the Lion, that feareth not the Crocodiles, nor hideth himself, but leapeth eagerly forward. “—Part 3 - The Book of Wisdom or Folly, Liber Aleph vel CXI Scorpio and the Love Dragon

“Thus, when the Tao was lost, the Magick Powers appeared; then, by successive degradations, came Benevolence, Justice, Convention.”—Liber CLVII The Tao Teh King

“And the Kingdom is come, in the orgasmic rapture of angelic union and the magick power of the elements of human generation.”—On the Nepios

“When, having sought and found gestures of Magick Power, thou findest thyself among the lewd and unclean, yet knowing it not perceive in their common actions the supreme and perfect Art of Magick.”—Liber Thirty-One Liber 31


“The remaining set of five sacraments are all clearly concerned with the Church's institutional participation in the life of the individual. Rather than the metaphysically perverse distinction between “natural” and “elective” sacraments (which presumes such “Gnostically incorrect” features as infant baptism), I would suggest that all five are of a single class. Yet the Eucharistic Mystery stands out as the first among equals, the spiritual operation that empowers and motivates the others. … Magick Power … To Know … To Will … To Dare … To Keep Silent … To Go … The set of five sacraments, as shown in the table above, can be attributed to the various key emblems of the pentad: the pentagram, the square-based pyramid, and the Jerusalem cross. If we were a Christian church, I might suggest their attribution to the five wounds, and to the letters of JHShVH. In the context of O.T.O., they may be seen as elements in the formula of AIQHR (The Book of Lies, cap. 86), and they may be attributed to the clauses of Priestess' injunction from CCXX I:63”—The Sacramental Pentad


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