Marguerite Porete

Greater Feast of Marguerite Porete, died June 1, 1310 at Paris, France in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Marguerite Porete

“Lady of Knowledge, who art the mother of Mind at the heart of the coils of the serpent, and the sister of Love in the savor of the milk of the stars, distinguishing life and joy in human congress, thou celebrated by us in beds of purple, and fields of war, on thrones of the mighty, and in the festival riot, in the oratory of the magician, and the laboratory of the alchemist, as in the speech of our mouths and the works of our hands, we worthily commemorate them worthy that did of old keep thy secrets and communicate them duly: among whom are (each name receives its own distinct breath) … Marguerite Porete”—Office of Daimonic Vespers




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