Peyote, Anhalonium Lewinii

“We can produce fantastic dreams by hashish, hallucinations of colour by anhalonium Lewinii; we can even make him “see stars” by the use of a sandbag. Why then should we not be able to devise some pharmaceutical, electrical or surgical method of inducing Samadhi; create genius as imply as we do other kinds of specific excitement?”—Chapter 48

“They were kind enough to interest themselves in my researches in Anhalonium Lewinii and made me some special preparations on the lines indicated by my experience which proved greatly superior to previous preparations.”—Chapter 77

“Notably, such drugs as Cannabis Indica and Anhalonium Lewinii, which do actually “loosen the girders of the soul which give her breathing,” cause immediate laughter as one of their most characteristic effects.”—Laughter

Table I, 777:

8 Moly, Anhalonium Lewinii.

“I height Don Quixote, I live on Peyote,
marihuana, morphine and cocaine.”—I hight Don Quixote, I live on peyote


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