qabalistic speculations

qabalistic speculations

“We have given to these bold qabalistic speculations the only form which suits them, that is, poesy”—Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries and Liber XLVI The Key of The Mysteries

“It is extraordinarily amusing to find James Thomson in the “City of Dreadful Night” indulging in qabalistic speculations in the second section of that magnificent poem, the greatest of its kind that was ever written.”—The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw

“One thing I will say: that I do not expect anything to come of qabalistic speculations. I think that they may even be extremely mischievous in times like the present. Our sole business should be to use the Law to reconstruct the world from the chaos into which it is already half tumbled. That formula is a simple one, and requires no specialised training. The work requires the cooperation of tens of thousands of people who have never heard of the Qabalah, and they have to be addressed in language which they can understand.” (Crowley to Jones, August 28, 1936) Excepts from Aleister Crowley – Charles Stansfeld Jones correspondence


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