Rosaleen Norton

Rosaleen Norton, Rosaleen Miriam Norton, Roie, Thorn, the Witch of Kings Cross; occultist, witch, painter

New Zealand / Australia (1917–1979)

  • Born October 2, 1917
  • Died December 5, 1979

Pagan; Neopaganism; Wicca; The God Pan; Qabalist; “I came into the world bravely; I'll go out bravely”


Austin Osman Spare; Aleister Crowley; Rayner Hoff,, sculptor; Gerald Gardner; Maria de Naglowaska aka the Sophia of Montparnasse, 1883 - 1936;


Nevill Drury; Sir Eugene Goossens; Kenneth Grant; Keith Richmond; Barry Hale; Doreen Valiente; Cyril Scott aka Cyril Meir Scott, 1879-1970, author of The Initiate In the Dark Cycle; Stephen Skinner;


Beresford Conroy, husband; Leon Batt, poet; Gavin Greenlees, poet; Dulcie Deamer, the “Queen of Bohemia”; Walter Glover, publisher; Cecily, her sister; Don Deaton; Jack Parker; Walter Glover; Richard Moir;


Anna Karina Hoffman; Francis Honer; Raymond Ager;


Author/ Painter: paintings: Timeless Worlds; Merlin; Lucifer; The Initiate; Witches' Sabbath; Triumph; Individuation; Black Magic; Rites of Baron Samedi; The Angel of Twizzari; Esoteric Study; Fohat; The Adversary; The Art of Rosaleen Norton, 1952 aka The Art of Rosaleen Norton with Poems by Gavin Greenlees ; Three Macabre Stories; Thorn in the Flesh. A Grim-Memoire;


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