Unicursal Hexagram

Unicursal DO WHAT THOU WILT Propaganda Poster from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information
Example of a Unicursal Hexagram in the Unicursal DO WHAT THOU WILT Propaganda from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information, which intentionally includes the averse style.

The unicursal hexagram is a specific Thelemic symbol, though any six pointed star that can be drawn in one stroke could technically qualify for the generic term. The design of the six pointed star often includes a 5 pointed rose in the center point, indicating the formula of union between human and divine.

The central rose sometimes appears with pointed down due to the way in which the unicursal hexagram card was printed averse to the deck back image in some editions of the Thoth Deck. This mistake was repeated in the unicursal hexagram image included in Wikipedia for many years, and subsequently became widespread. Some repeat this mistake and use that image without knowing it was a mistake. Others use the averse image of this mistake intentionally, for various reasons. (Compare this to historic attitudes to the averse pentagram.)

Sightings of the unicursal hexagram in books and other media that are directly about Aleister Crowley, Thelema, and related subject matter would all but certainly be 1:1 and thus not distinct. Instead, included here are sighting of the unicursal hexagram in other books and media where the use is indirect or even bizarre.

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