William of Ockham

William of Ockham

England 1288 -1347

“Ockham's Razor” states that the simplest explanation is often the correct one; condemned as a heretic in 1326; restored after death by Pope Innocent VI in 1359; Apostolic poverty ; scholasticism ; nominalism; conceptualism ; the World is created by the Mind, which is created by God;


Plato; Aristotle; Socrates; St. Francis of Assisi; Jesus; Peter Lombard; Michael of Cesena, Franciscan “Minister General” ; John Duns Scotus; Roscelin AKA Roscellinus; Peter Abelard aka Pierre Abélard; Thomas Aquinas;


Bertrand Russell; Augustus De Morgan; George Boole; Geoffrey Chaucer; François Rabelais; John Skelton; Julian of Norwich; Gabriel Biel; Philotheus Boehner; David May, creator of occam programming language;


Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria;


Disagreed: Paul Tillich; John Lutterell; Pope John XXII;


Franciscan ; Catholic Church; University of Oxford;


commentary on Aristotle's Physics AKA Expositio aurea super artem veterem Aristotelis, 1323; Dialogus ( 1332 - 1347); William of Ockham: Opera philosophica et theologica (collected); Summa logicae (c. 1323); Quaestiones in octo libros physicorum (before 1327); Summulae in octo libros physicorum (before 1327); Quodlibeta septem (before 1327); Major summa logices; Quaestiones in quattuor libros sententiarum; Centilogium theologicum; Questiones earumque decisiones; Quodlibeta septem; Centilogium; De sacramento altaris and De corpore christi; Tractatus de sacramento allans;


The ways of God are not open to reason; Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate aka one should not multiply entities beyond necessity;


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