William Tyndale

William Tyndale AKA Tynsdale, Tindall, Tindill, Tyndall

England 1484–1496? – 1536

strangled, then burnt at the Stake. 1st to use Jehovah for Yod Heh Vau Heh, based on Luther being German, and their use of the J sound for I or Y in many other languages, so Ya Ho Vah became Jehovah; 1st to transliterate Jakin as Iachin or Jachin, in his Exodus, which survives, even if his Kings, Chronicles and Samuel did not; began work on a vernacular Bible based directly on the Greek in 1520, but fled to Continent, published in Cologne/Worms, 1525, Antwerp, 15263;


Erasmus; John Wycliffe; Saint Augustine of Hippo; influenced by Martin Luther; The 70 or 72 Alexandrian Judean scholars who translated the Septuagint; St. Jerome , translator of the Vulgate; the Masorete Rabbis;


Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall; Miles Coversdale; Henry Walter; John Calvin;


Thomas Cromwell;


Sir Thomas More; Cardinal Wolsey ordered his arrest;



Tyndale “Bible”, the New Testament in the King James Version is 83% Tyndale's, and the Old Testament 76%; The Obedience of a Christen Man, which convinced Henry VIII to create Anglicism; The Practyse of Prelates, opposing Henry VIII's divorce; An Answer unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue;translated Erasmus' Enchiridion militis Christiani ;


Exodus 6, 15 The childern of Symeon ar these: Gemuel, Iamin, Ohad, 'Iachin' ; Zohar, and Saul the sonne of a Cananytesh wife: these are the kynreddes of Symeon


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