Witelo aka Erazmus Ciolek Witelo aka “Thuringorum et Polonorum filius” Poland 1230 - @ 1280

believed Demon (Catholic) and Damion (Greek) were the same creatures, go-betweens for humans with the Angels, mortal but long-lived, knowledgeable and powerful; a Moon crater, Vitello, named after him;


Aristotle; Plato; Alhazen, author of Kitab al-manazir aka The Book of Optics aka De aspectibus aka Perspectivae, 1011 – 1021; Averroes; Avicenna ;


Benedek Land; Jerry Burchardt; Johannes Kepler ; Lorenzo Ghiberti, author of Commentario terzo aka Third Commentary; Roger Bacon; Mortem, heavy metal band; Leonardo da Vinci; Jean de Meun; Archbishop of Canterbury John Peckham aka John Pecham, @ 1230 –1292;


William of Moerbeke;



Padua University, @ 1260;


De natura daemonum aka De causa primaria poenitentiae in hominibus et de natura daemonum; Perspectiva, (on Optics and Perception) aka Witelonis perspectivae liber quartus @ 1270; De Primaria Causa Paenitentiae;


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