Xenophon AKA the “Attic Muse”

Greece 430 – 354 BCE

One of the the Ancients; Soldier/ Historian of Greece and the Babylon or the Persian Empire; Philosopher; preserved the wisdom of Socrates; consulted the Delphic oracle; Survives the Battle of the Brothers over the Empire, and lead his Greek mercenaries back to Greece after the fall of Cyrus the Younger through great danger. While Anabasis is famous as the 1st Soldier Travelogue, it is even more a story of the General's inner philosophic development;



Alexander the Great; Mary Renault; Robert Graves; Joseph Campbell; Gerald Massey; John Argyropoulos; George Gemistos Plethan;Plutarch; Zosimos; Pliny the Elder ; Gerber AKA Jābir ibn Hayyān; Euclid; Archimedes; Cicero; Diogenes Laertius; Leo Strauss; Machiavelli; President John Adams; Saint Bede aka The Venerable Bede;


Prince Cyrus the Younger, son of Darius II of Persia; Clearchus, a Spartan general; Seuthes II, King of Thrace; Plato; Aristotle;


King Artaxerxes II of Persia, his older brother


various armies


Anabasis (ἀνάβασις AKA “going up” AKA The Persian Expedition or The March Up Country or The Expedition of Cyrus); “On Horsemanship”; Hellenica; Cyropaedia (also: The Education of Cyrus) , Thomas Jefferson owned two copies of Cyropaedia ; Memorabilia; Oeconomicus; Symposium Apology; Hiero; all on Socrates; The Cavalry General; Hunting with Dogs; Ways and Means; Constitution of Sparta; a lost Constitution of Athens; Xenophon, Ephesiaca ; Convivium; Cynegeticus ; De re equestri; De republica Lacaedemoniorum; Hellenica; Hiero ; Memorabilia; Oeconomicus;


“Policy goes beyond strength, and contrivance before action; hence it is that direction is left to the commander, and execution to the soldier, who is not to ask Why? but to do what he is commanded.”


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