Samuel ibn Zarza The Thorn Bush aka Samuel ibn Seneh Zarza aka שמואל אבן סנה

Spain @ 1350

more Philosopher than a Qabalist; Astro-magic; Astrology;


Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; David Yom Tov ibn Billya;


Solomon Reubeni of Barcelona ; Isaac ibn Al-Ḥadib ;





Meqor Hayyim, 1368, printed 1559; notes on the Sefer ha-Yuḥasin; Miklol Yofi; : Ṭaharat ha-Ḳodesh; Eẓem ha-Dat; Ẓeror ha-Mor; Magen Abraham;


“The perfection of the moral virtues and the virtue of the intellect, the perfection of divine worship [which consists of] various divinatory powers, and the perfection of causing the descent of the spiritual powers by means of statues and preparations of mixtures of qualities. And these are four names: Torah, Wisdom, the Ephod (vestment) and the Teraphim (Image)”;


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