Zelator, 2=9 grade of A∴A∴. Also a grade of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, The Order of Thelemites, and more.

“His duties are laid down in Paper C, Class D. He receives Liber CCXX, XXVII, and DCCCXIII.

Examination in Posture and Control of Breath (see Equinox No. 1). Practical.

Further, he is given two meditation-practices corresponding to the two rituals DCLXXI and CXX.

(Examination is only in the knowledge of, and some little practical acquaintance with, these meditations. The complete results, if attained, would confer a much higher grade.)

Further, he forges the magic Sword.

No ritual admits to the grade of Practicus, which is conferred by authority when the task of the Zelator is accomplished.”—Liber XIII vel Graduum Montis Abiegni


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