Zosimos of Panopolis

Egypt / Greece @ 400 CE

Ancients; Alchemy; Gnostic; focused on mystical and religious elements, not just chemistry; The Nephilim taught their wives Alchemy; Adam symbolizes the 4 Elements;


the God Ion (founder of Sabians religion); Pliny the Elder AKA Gaius Plinius Secundus; Maria the Jewess aka Maria Hebraea aka Maria Prophetissa, Egypt @ 200 CE; Pseudo-Democritus; Theophilus, son of Theogenes; Stephanus, @ 620 BCE; Asenam of Jerusalem; Nicotheus; Hesiod; Mani; Chymes; Plebichius; Sextus Julius Africanus; Agathodemon; Philaretes; Moses;


Stephen of Alexandria; Ibn Al-Hassan Ibn Ali Al-Tughra'i'; Gerber AKA Jābir ibn Hayyān; Jo. Jacobi Mangeti aka Jean Jacques Manget; A.E. Waite; Athanasius Kircher; John Frederick Helvetius; Petrus Joannes Faber; Gerber, Hermes Trismegistus, Raymond Lull, Sir George Ripley; Nicolas Flamel, Michael Sendivogius; Paracelsus; Elias Ashmole; Georg von Welling; Basil Valentine; Philalethes aka George Starkey AKA Eirenaeus Philalethes; Thomas Vaughan AKA Eugenius Philalethes; John Winthrop the Younger; Conrad Beissel; J.W. Hamilton-Jones; Dr. Sigismond Bacstrom ; Éliphas Lévi; Ebenezer Sibly; Frederick Hockley; Comte Louis de Chazal; Comte de Saint-Germain; Michael Maier; Hermann Fictuld; Robert Fludd; Johannes Valentinus Andreae AKA Christian Rosenkruz ; Heinrich Khunrath AKA Henry Khunrath; Max Heindel; Fulcanelli; R. Swinburne Clymer; H. Spencer Lewis; Manly P. Hall; Dr. R.A. Gilbert; Darcy Kuntz ; Roger Caro; Sigmund Richter; Roger Bacon; Sir Francis Bacon; Sir Isaac Newton; Albertus Magnus; Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Raphael Patai‎; Abufalah; Georgius Syncellus, author of Chronographia; Olympiodorus; Eusebia; Julius Ruska; Abu l-Qasim al-Iraqi aka Abu al-Kasim Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Iraki aka Abu al-Qasim Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Iraqi al-Simāwi , author of The Book of Knowledge acquired Concerning the Cultivation of Gold; Eric Holmyard, 1891-1959; Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; Zadith filius Hamuel aka The Senior Zadith aka aka Ibn Umayl aka Muhammed ibn Umail at-Tamîmî aka Zadith Hamuelis, author of Silvery Water and Starry Earth , 900 – 960 CE; Theodor Abt;


sister Theosebeia;




Arabic translations of texts by Zosimos were discovered in the book Keys of Mercy and Secrets of Wisdom by Ibn Al-Hassan Ibn Ali Al-Tughra'i'; Concerning the true Book of Sophe, the Egyptian, and of the Divine Master of the Hebrews and the Sabaoth Powers: On the Evaporation of the Divine Water that fixes Mercury; Treatise on Instruments and Furnaces; The Visions of Zosimos; The Book of Imouth, lost; The First Book of the Final Reckoning; On Virtue; Distinctions of Religions; On the Sacred and Divine Art of the Fabrication of Gold and Silver; On the Substances which serve to support and on the Four Metallic Bodies according to Democritus; The Weights of the Raw and the Cooked; On the Detailed Account of the WORK - a discourse in Philaretes; On that which the Art has said about All Bodies in Treating a Unique Tincture; The Four Bodies are the Ailments of the Tinctures; Round Alum must be Employed; On the Sulphers aka On the Divine Waters; On the Measure of Yellowing; On the preparation of Ocher; On the Body of the Magnesia and it's Treatment; Historia nova; On the Letter Omega;


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