Hipbone on computer games

Hipbone on computer games

HipBone believes the computer games industry is one of the most exciting things to come down the pike in years – but we also think many of the current games lack a depth dimension which keeps many people from playing them, and we would like to see the industry headed in a direction which is more friendly to intelligence and feeling. Here you will find our writings about the back-history and future possibilities of computer games…

HipBone's take on the computer games industry focuses on historical perspective, recognizing a continuity between current games and “classical” antecedents such as meditative visualization and the mediaeval Art of Memory.

In The Mysts of Antiquity, I take a look at some of the classical and renaissance precursors to a classic computer game.

In Games Lamas Play, I discuss some striking similarities between games like Doom and the meditations of Vajrayana Buddhists… Shadow Warrior and Doom images is the visual supplement to this piece.

Myst-like Universities, Oxford-like Games? offers glimpses of one direction I'd like my own HipBone Games to take in future…

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