More about HipBone Games

More about HipBone Games:

“HipBone offers us a glimpse over the horizon at the future of games – where we are going, or could go. I think we're headed for “emergent entertainment” – games in which the gameplay emerges out of the interactions of two or more people. HipBone Games are an almost pure distillation of that idea, because you're dealing directly, mind to mind.”
– Mike Sellers, Archetype Interactive

More about our games and where we're going with them…

First, a few relevant links…

Read Don Oldenburg's comments on HipBone and other GBGs in the Washington Post.

Read Lewis Lapham's comments in Harper's.

Those of you interested in the “high-serious art” side of the games, or drawn to contemplative, meditative styles of play, are invited to check out these short Meditations for Game Players.

You might also like to learn more about Magister-L, a fairly low-volume mailing list for the discussion of games and spirituality in general, which often carries posts about Glass Bead Game design.

About the HipBone Project as a whole...

The HipBone Games are board games in which players link one fact or idea with another, claiming points for each link. They were first developed as PBEM (play by email) games. We have playtested them rigorously, and they have been successfully played for over three years by private individuals, and in groups on a variety of internet mailing lists.

The HipBone Games are based on the concept of the Glass Bead Game described by Hermann Hesse in his Nobel-winning novel, Magister Ludi. They are foremost among current attempts to bring Hesse's game concept into implementation.

The basic HipBone idea is very simple: think of one thing, think of another. A child can play these games.

Like a good conversation between friends, a HipBone Game finds its own level: sports buffs can link teams, players, anecdotes and stats on the HipBone board, psychologists can argue Jung against Freud. Like Chess, Go, Bridge and just a handful of other games, they can be played at any level up to authentic mastery.

Our games are powerful tools for teaching creative thinking across disciplines in education, and exploring though processes and hidden emotional contents in therapy, and have been used successfully in educational and therapeutic settings.

HipBone Games are of interest to a variety of academic disciplines including Artificial Intelligence, since they provide a “micro world” in which the operating principles of creative and associative thought can be isolated and studied.

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