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MAGISTER-L is named in honor of Herman Hesse's Nobel Prizewinning novel Magister Ludi, in which an elaborate game known as the Glass Bead Game serves as the vehicle for the spiritual and intellectual aspirations of an entire culture.

MAGISTER-L is a mailing list for the discussion of games as vehicles for spiritual expression. The question that interests our subscribers is:

How can we most effectively bring insights and wisdoms from the spiritual traditions of the world into the realm of games and gaming…

The games discussed on MAGISTER-L can be anything from children's games like Scissors Paper Stone to full-blown strategic games like Chess or Go, or from Fantasy Role Playing games such as Mage: the Ascension to variants on the Glass Bead Game itself. They can be played in MUDs, on-line, in arcades, on CD-ROMs, with pencil and paper – or in your head. What is important about them is first that they are games of some sort, and second that there is some connection – this is central to all discussions appropriate to this list – with some aspect of what can fairly loosely be called the spiritual realm.

By the spiritual realm, we understand a hard-to-define but easy-to-recognize area that specifically includes things mythical, magical and mystical. For instance, the mythic and archetypal story-telling aspects of role playing games would be a suitable topic for threads on this list (Joseph Campbell in RPG land), as would the role of gods in RPGs, or the ways in which the “laws of magic” in fantasy games can reflect the “laws of magic” in shamanic and tribal cultures – or the ways in which a variant on the Glass Bead Game can be used to explore Swedenborg's doctrine of correspondences. But the words “mythical, magical and mystical” should not be taken as limiting: in a discussion of Glass Bead Games, for instance, the spiritual realm should be taken to include the totality of human knowledge and culture – Bach and bebop included.

The tone of MAGISTER-L, in other words, is serious, studious, scholarly and philosophical – and with room for playfulness and wit.

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