HipBone's mind-to-mind games

HipBone's mind-to-mind games

Here we let you in one the secret of our games – that like conversations, our games are pretty direct communications from one mind to another.

This means you don't have to worry that our games will be too highbrow – or too trivial – to hold your attention. Anyone from a child to a PhD in astrophysics can play our games: like a conversation between friends, a HipBone game quickly finds its own level.

Your own mind is what you bring to the HipBone Games: your thoughts are the “pieces”, the “cards” you play with. Whatever you know, think, or can guess or remember, whatever you can jot down, thumbnail sketch, whistle or quote is what you bring to the game, what you play the game with. We just supply the rules and the board.

The result is that a HipBone Game is like a conversation: it finds its own level.

And whether you are book-learned, experience-rich or streetwise, a visual person or someone with a knack for mathematics, funny or deadpan or serious, a lawyer or an artist, a geek or a jock or whatever, intuitive, spontaneous, considered or cautious, prone to telling tall tales, or precise as only a scholar can be – it doesn't matter. The game will take on the form of your own mind, interacting with the minds of those you play with.

Perhaps that's why the Washington Post called the HipBone Games “a give-and-take of thinking styles and wit”.

Because that's the heart of it: your thinking style – yours, and nobody else's. And that's why we're reluctant to include more than a couple of “sample” games on our website: we don't want you to think your moves should be like the ones in other people's games.

In the HipBone Games – whether you play them competitively or cooperatively, and both are possible – your own mind is your only weapon. Your only gift.

Trust it.

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