A Woman Marries a Dwarf

A young woman from Braderup on Sylt island had to do many hard chores every day, like most women on the Frisian islands. She often felt that she was unfortunate, and secretly envied the dwarves, who are always happy but rarely had to work. Once, a neighbor and her went to the field for work, and they came past a hill where it was frequently possible to hear the subterraneans sing and dance. “Oh”, she exclaimed, “if we could also live like the people there down below!” “Do you actually want to be with them?”, the other woman asked. “Well, why not?”, she replied. A dwarf heard this, and when the woman came past again the next morning, he proposed to her, led her into his hill, and married her. She supposedly lived there in happiness, and bore several children to the dwarf.

(From the schoolteacher Hansen on Sylt.)

Source: Müllenhoff, K; Mensing, O. Sagen, Märchen und Lieder der Herzogthümer Schleswig, Holstein und Lauenburg. 1845, p. 310.

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